Pregnancy fetishism (Please read description)
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2020-07-17 17:09:18

    …I really need some more blogs to follow.

    If anyone wants to like/reblog or recommend any blogs with mostly preg/birth content and doesn’t post irl sexual stuff (and tags drawn sexual stuff if there is any. And even then, nothing gratuitous please), feel free to and I’ll take a look at them! :D


    A little late, but here’s a list of preg/birth art tumblrs that I know about and follow and I think everyone should too. The more everyone knows each other the better~

    In no particular order:

    @preggypenny​: (That’s me!) Makes 3d anime-style preg/birth art. She specializes in birth comic sequences which can go up to 100+ pages. Reblogs birth art and likes to promote new birth artists.
    adew​: Hobbyist preg artist (no birth) with a paintbrush-like artstyle. He also puts up a lot of good reblogs and entertaining polls on his DA. Very friendly and a fun guy. ^^
    nredux​: Long time pregfetish community member, makes a lot of cute pregnancy art with some birth every once in awhile. Also puts up interesting reblogs every so often with a lot of variety.
    erydemon​​: Newer artist who just entered the community recently. They make a lot of slime girl pregnancy. Their bellies have a unique teardrop shape that looks very huggable. <3
    @muchbirth​​: Writes dark pregnancy/birth erotica, one of the very few who does it and does it very well. They also write big skits on other people’s posts a lot which are quality stories on their own.
    @lewdlemage​​: SFW Belly art, ranges from pregnancy to vore. Their artstyle is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen!!! (No NSFW art at all)
    @doombeez​​: Another erotica writer, one of my longest time favorites and writes light-hearted pregnancy/birth erotica with a lot of interesting themes. Not a hack, despite whatever he tells you.
    @sexyrobotfactory​​: Not exactly a pregblog, but they get a lot of impregnation/pregnancy art commissions. Nice clean artstyle. No visual birth, only implied. Sometimes lays eggs.
    @misterbump​: Makes 3d realistic-style preg/birth art, and one of the few who makes a focus on the ‘birth’ part. Teams up with @muchbirth and other writers to add stories under his pictures.
    @fuccbou​: Makes dark pregnancy/birth art, like torture and rape. They update very often and are a great source to check out if youre often in a need for a preg/birth fix.
    @idlehq​: One of the oldest and highest quality preg/birth artists out there, their artwork is both clean and very pretty. Sadly, they’ve exited the community since last year.

    Wow, I spent a longer time compiling this list than I thought I’d take (like an hour). >_>

    That’s about it for pregnancy artist that I know of here on tumblr. There’s also some more preg/birth artists out there, but they venture into furry territory. I can list them later if you want.

    (If I missed anybody by accident or if somebody would like a mention, lemme know!)

    Edit: generally very little dicks involved, in consideration for your personal tastes.


    Thanks a lot for all your hard work, I’ll be sure to check these out :D