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    is this not 1 of the best pics uv seen???? fuckin shaved head dude shows up in his pink speedo lookin like a jobber but looks are deceiving! instead he fuckin fucks up the other dude and now sits between his legs, pulling them apart, trying to figure out what to do next. the pain from the stretch is already too much for the supposed heel, he holds his sides and balls from the pain. pink dude, come on, its 2 obvious…… RAM that shaved head right into his waiting bulge!!!! the yellow fabric is begging for it!!! RAM IT DUDE, then quickly jump up and drop both knees between his legs. fuckin make him regret the day he stepped into the ring and called u a pussy 4 wearing pink!!!!

    if there were U boy, trust me, there would NO hesitation!!!! ur bulge would be busted over and over again!!! what would U do????