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    I didn’t ask how old he is. I don’t want to know now. I’m a cable guy and got a service call to relocate an outlet. When I got there, he answered the door. Said his parents weren’t home, but took me upstairs and showed me what they wanted done. It was easy. I was done in 20 mins, and when I went to find him to sign the invoice . . . he’s naked and ass up on his bed. Fuck. I knew to get the fuck out of there, but I couldn’t ignore that tight boy pussy beckoning me to defile it. I didn’t even take off my clothes. Just unzipped and pulled out my cock. My eight incher was already rock hard. I fingered his hole. Already lubed. That little fucker. So I knelt between his legs and thrust my cock into that boy cunt. He screamed as his knees gave out and all my weight fell upon him. With him now flat on the bed, I started to jackhammer him. Hard. He grabbed the pillow tighter. I noticed a fuckin’ stuffed bunny next to his head, which only turned me on more. Soon my balls were emptying in the boy. He moaned as I flooded his guts. I pulled out and my cum gushed out of his gaping hole and all over the sheet. And then I got the fuck out of there. Told my boss I forgot to have the customer sign the invoice. Oops.


    My biology teacher hit me up on Grindr. I knew it was him immediately, but I told him I couldn’t share a face pic because I’m discreet. Partially true. The real reason is I knew he’d do the ethical thing and block me. But when he invited me over to ride his cock, I couldn’t resist. And when he opened the door, well, he was shocked. “Parker, you should have told me. You know this is inappropriate and I could get fired for this.” But as he’s saying it, his cock was tenting. I could see he wanted me. He looked around quickly, scanning the street. “Get the fuck in here. Quick.” He closed the door quickly and then shoved me against it, his tongue working down my throat. He quickly led me to his bedroom as we stripped off our clothes. His hairy body is incredible, but his cock . . . FUCK. Thick 7 incher with a fat mushroom head. Fuckin’ split me open as he threw my legs over his shoulders and thrust inside me. “Fuck, your ass is tight,” he moaned. Soon he was pounding his load into me. He collapsed a sweaty mess on top of me, and whispered in my ear, “You know I cant give you an A for this.”