When I’m horny

    I like to spread my legs as far as I can and rub myself through my panties first. With one finger I’ll trail up and down my pussy feeling it tingle every time I go near my clit. I rub up and down, back and forth and in little circles around my clit. Using my free hand to rub my hard nipples. I keep rubbing until I can’t handle the teasing anymore then I take off my panties and put my finger on my opening. Feeling how slick I am I plunge two fingers deep inside my warm cunt feeling my walls squeeze them. I fuck myself pushing my fingers In and out out my tight pussy before taking them out and spreading my wetness all over my pussy lips and clit. I tease myself by rubbing everywhere except my clit until I start to throb. Then I give in and start rubbing it quickly with my middle finger. At this point my clit is extremely swollen and sensitive so I get my vibrator and place it on my entrance slowly moving it up and down. Twitching and bucking my hips when it touches my clit. Looking down I can see my vibrator covered in my juices. I feel a tingling sensation running through my body as I place it on my clit and hold it there. Moaning and whimpering..squeezing my legs together. I’m cumming.. hard. It’s so fucking good I don’t know what to do with myself.

    Anyone wanna clean me up? ;)


    Yes, I want to lick you while your dildo is inside you


    Yes, I'll lick u clean as a whistle