26 year old experienced cuckcake into humiliation. 18+ with the normal and usual limits.

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    Kink Alphabet Ask Meme

    A = Anal: Is Anal more fun than frontal penetration?
    B = Brat: How obedient do you like people to be in the bedroom? Is disobeying fun?
    C = Cum: Turn on, turn off, or favorite?
    D = Denial: How long can you edge before it can’t be taken it anymore?
    E = Exhibitionism: Do you like being seen getting off? Ever done anything explicitly hoping to get caught?
    F = Fucking Machines: Have you ever had a chance to ride a fucking machine? Would you?
    G = Glory Hole: Would you ever go to a glory hole? Have you been to one?
    H = Humiliation: Do you like to humiliate/be humiliated? Any stories?
    I = Ice: Are you in to temperature play?
    J = Jack Off: How often do you masturbate and what’s your favorite way to do so?
    K = Kitten: In to pet play? Do you prefer kittens or pups?
    L = Latex: Latex, leather, or neither?
    M = Medical: Have you ever done any kind of medical play? Share stories!
    N = Nope: What’s your biggest turn off?
    O = Orgasm C
    ontrol: Would you give up your orgasms for somebody? Would you take them from somebody?
    P =
    Pubes: Full bush, trimmed, shaved, waxed, what do you do? What do you prefer?
    Q = Qu
    eening: Self explanatory. In to it?
    = Rope: What’s your favorite means of tying somebody up?
    = Switch: How often do you switch or are you exclusively one role in the bedroom?
    T =
    Teasing: How much is just the right amount of teasing before somebody gets dicked down? And what are you favorite means of teasing?
    = Uncut: Do you have a preference or are all cocks built equally?
    V =
    Vanilla: What are you favorite ‘vanilla’ things for when you’re not in a particularly kinky mood?
    W = Wildcard: Answer any question submitted to you but you can only give Yes/No answers
    X = xvideos: Have/Would you ever upload videos of yourself online?
    Y = Yuri & Yaoi: Are you in to it? Does 2d get you going?
    Z = Zzz: Have any fantasies involving sleep?


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    Because I keep being asked for updates...

    Mom is growing in her role as cuckcake and becoming a lot more authoritative/assertive with her cuckquean. They’ve enjoyed more threesomes using the cuckquean as cleanup girl and using her mouth as pleasure. My mom is also now disciplining her regularly. Yes, she does do things for us from time to time such as clean/cook/run errands so my mom has more time for sex with her husband.

    Dad/bestie are having more open fun around the house. He likes giving her ass slaps and they make no effort to be quiet when they fuck usually saturday nights.

    Bestie’s parents I haven’t seen them much due to numerous reasons which include not feeling well and likely some seasonal depression that seems to hit this time of year for me.  I have still been sending her tasks and humiliation assignments so she is still getting her fix and she has to pleasure her husband whenever he wants but she is still denied. Sometimes I will give her tasks on top of what he wants and she has to beg him to be allowed to do things to him for me. It’s entertaining.