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2022-05-16 21:25:02

    Ate my ass Ate my shit

    So last weekend I hooked up with this guy that was super freaky. I think even freakier than myself. He said he wanted me to take a laxative and come ready for an experience that would change my life. I did as told and showed up to his place with churning guts ready for whatever. Once I got there, dude asks me how the laxative is working and I tell him that I’m full and will need to shit soon. He tells me to strip my pants and boxers and lay on the towel he has placed on his bed. I do as told still holding onto the load in my guts. Next thing I know dude starts to eat my ass. And when I say eat my ass I mean that shit. He was licking and sucking and getting my hole super wet. All while I’m still holding the load from the laxative. I didn’t know at the time but I soon found out that dude was gonna eat me out until I lost control and shit in his mouth. The more I told him that I really needed to shit, the more aggressively he ate my ass. This felt good af but I was nervous because I had never feed anybody before. Have done a lot of scat related activities but never been into eating shit because I think it’s gross and unsafe. But this guy knew what he was gonna do and he had no plans of letting up. He was really eating me out good too. Soon it happens. The sensation of him eating me out with the massive urge to shit was just too much to bare. I start pooping as his still going to town on my butt hole. At first a little oozes out and he eats it right up but then all hell breaks loose. I start having uncontrollable diarrhea right there as he munched on my hole like it was nothing. The sensations I was feeling were great. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. So I just continued to shit as he continues to eat me out. My poop is going everywhere at this point. It’s all over his mouth and face and leaking all down my thighs. In between eating he occasionally stops and fingers my hole. I’m in so much bliss and my cock is now rock hard. He jerks me off as he continues to eat my shitty ass. Before I know it I am cumming a huge load right there. I feel soo good and he is loving it as well. Was an interesting experience. Never thought I’d let a guy eat my shit but he is a pro at it and loves it.