Here I am sitting at the desk answering your questions right now. I look forward to more as I continue to drink some scotch with my husband. 🥃🥃🥃🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘 By the way, the unedited version just posted to Onlyfans.


    ICYMI!! That was from the last time I did a naked ‘ask’ night. Tonight I wonder, am I naked while answering your ‘asks’ or what could I possibly be wearing… hmm… 🤔🤔🤔🍺🍺🍺


    A Very Naughty Asian

    So my husband and I went to a lovetel after getting the good news of my visa approval. I told my husband that I needed to be treated like a naughty little slut and that I was his little Asian sex fuck toy to do with as he saw fit and he saw the look in my eyes and knew I was dead serious as I reached for his hand and put it between my legs. Even though I was wearing jeans he could feel the warmth and wetness and knew that I needed to be used and used well. 

    So when we got to the lovetel and as soon as we were inside my husband picked me up and threw me on the bed and then commanded me to come to the edge of the bed and service him. I crawled across the bed still fully clothed with my knee high boots on and I was on my hands and knees in front of his crotch looking at it. He told me that his pants were not going to undo themselves and I bit my lip as I looked up at him and rocked back on my knees so I could undo his pants.

    His cock was so hard and I wanted it in me so bad but I knew that I had to wait and I had to suck his cock which was going to drive me even more crazy and he knew that and he pulled his cock away from my mouth as I tried to move forward to put it into my mouth. Then he said, “uh-uh, lick my balls like the little slut you are”. I thought I was going to cream my pants and I then reached with my hand and he said, “you don’t need those. All you need is that pretty little mouth of yours and that slutty tongue of yours. Now get to licking you little slut because you know that’s what you want to do. Lick daddy’s balls and maybe I’ll let you suck it. If you suck it well I might let you taste and swallow my cum and if you do that well then maybe, just maybe I’ll give you this big cock right where you desperately want it”. I asked, “really daddy? Right where I want it?” My pussy was so hot and he replied, “exactly where you want it and I am going to fuck it so good and so hard you’ll beg for more. You’ll beg daddy to never stop”. I thought I was going to cum just from hearing those words and I so very badly needed him inside me but I also needed him to feed me his balls and cock because that always means a nice thick creamy delight that I’ll have to swallow before I get what I really need.

    So I moved forward to his balls and I started to lick and he was naked by now and he stepped up with one leg on the bed to make sure I had complete access to his balls and that very sensitive area between his balls and anus. I went there right away thinking I could get him to cum right away so that I could get what I really need and what I needed was to be pounded like the little slut I am at this moment. God I love to be so slutty sometimes. He knew what I was going to do and he held my head and moved his balls back onto my tongue and he said, “uh-uh, you know what you are supposed to do”. I chuckled and just closed my eyes as I went to town on his balls and he was loving it and I worked my way up his shaft and he pushed the shaft down when I reached the head of it because I knew he was going crazy and just wanted me to take that wonderful cock of his right into my mouth.

    So I took the head of his cock into my mouth and my mouth was so wet that he was covered with my saliva as I worked his cock deeper into my mouth and he had his hands lightly holding my head on either side as he started to hump my face slowly while I sucked him and took more of him into my mouth. He kept saying, “yes suck it, suck it like that OMG you suck cock so good.” and I would pull him out in between him saying that and asking him, “really? Do you love the way I suck it? Do you love how it feels in my mouth? I could suck your cock for days”. He was loving it and telling me what a little good cocksucker I was and that he knew how I got so good at sucking cock. My pussy was on fire and I was loving sucking him and how it felt in my mouth and what he was saying to me and I asked him, “really? You know how I got so good at sucking cock? Tell me, how did I get so good?” And he said, “because you’re a dirty little cocksucker that likes to suck a lot of cock don’t you?” and I said, “yes, yes I love sucking cock. I don’t care who’s cock it is I just love sucking it.”

    He almost lost it there and pulled out and his cock was so wet and I was looking up at him with my wicked smile and I told him to put it back into my mouth and that I wanted to feel his warm creaminess fill my mouth just like all those guys the night of the nude pool did and all those guys I had when he and I were apart and he shoved his cock back into my mouth and put the his hand on the back of my head and started to fuck my hard really fast. I knew he wanted to shove it all the way in but he didn’t he just fucked it where I could handle it and I sucked and sucked and he just started to fill my mouth with his hot mess and I let him fill it up and I didn’t miss a drop even though it was quite a bit of cum and I knew I had totally satisfied him as he slowed to a stop and his breathing slowed too. I opened my mouth up for him and just like a typical Asian slut I showed him how I appreciated the reward he gave me in my mouth and then I swallowed it and opened my mouth again to show him it was all gone not a single drop left. He grabbed his cock and squeezed out the last few drops out of his cock onto my waiting tongue and while looking up at him I curled my tongue up and swallowed again. 

    I then got up on my knees and grabbed the back of his head and I asked him if he liked it that I was a slut and he told me he liked it that I was his Asian slut and that I deserved to be treated as such and for him to do with me as he wanted. I kissed him deeply as I pulled his head forward and after I kissed him I said, “yes daddy, I’m yours to do with as you see fit and I will always do anything in the world for you no matter what because I am yours”. He smiled and kissed me again as he got me off the bed and spun me around and started to undress me and got all my clothes off except for my thigh high boots which I left on. 

    He started to kiss me from behind kissing my neck and caressing my breasts and his cock was resting between my ass cheeks while he continued to caress me and kiss my neck. I knew he was going to get hard again and I so desperately wanted him to fuck me like the slut and whore I am but he was taking his time and my pussy was screaming for it. He knew it and when he ran one of his hands down my stomach to right above my koochie he paused and started to move his hand back up and I moved my hand back on top of his to guide him down to my pussy and he pulled me back close to him with his hand firmly on my lower belly and I looked over my shoulder and kissed him and asked, “please, please daddy touch it.” and he said, “I don’t believe it you want it bad enough yet. Beg for it. Make me believe and tell me why you need it so bad”. I said, “daddy I really need it. My pussy aches for your fingers, your mouth and most of all your cock. I really need to cum. Please baby anything for you anything just touch me, eat me and fuck me. Give me your cock because I really need it. I just need cock and as much of it as I can get”. He said, “I knew it! You’ll take any cock you can get right now won’t you? You little slut. You are a little slut aren’t you? You just need some good dick don’t you?” I replied, “yes baby, yes. I just need some cock but I want yours the most but I’ll take anything I can get right now. I just need to be filled up and I need a lot of it. Sorry baby I can’t help it but I just need it so give it to me give it to me hard and deep”. He asked, “are you sure you want it hard and deep in that tight little pussy of yours? Especially with this big fat cock of mine I’m about to give to you?” I said, “yes baby, I want you to punish my pussy. I don’t care how hard you fuck me or how much it hurts just fuck me the way I deserve fuck me the way every guy wants to fuck me who doesn’t care about me other than an Asian fuck toy to be pounded on and left on the bed with their cum dripping out of me while I lay on the bed waiting for them to punish my pussy again”. My husband was so hard and he started to play with my pussy while kissing my neck. I was going nuts as he whispered into my ear, “you are so fucking wet you little whore”. I replied, “yes daddy, always for you… always”.

    He then told me to start to climb up on the bed and his cock was so hard. I knew I was going to get fucked so hard and sometimes it is hard to take but I knew today I was going to and I wanted it very badly. So much stress and worry about the visa and moving and everything and I just wanted to fully enjoy my husband and I wanted him to treat me so much like a little slut and whore. I wanted to be his fuck toy because I needed to be his fuck toy. I didn’t need love and romance I just needed cock and to be used like most of you guys on here want to use me. I just needed to not be a wife but just a piece of meat and a container to hold cum. Sometimes it is so fun to just act like this and know I won’t be judged for it since my husband won’t and he’ll give me exactly what I need. But I also know that sometimes he just needs to fuck me and not worry about love and romance either. That he just needs to fuck me like some slutty whore he met at a club and take her home and fuck her like the slut she is and tonight I wanted to be that slut for him. I really love role playing sometimes in case you didn’t know ;)

    So I started to climb further on the bed and his cock was hard and he laid it on my ass crack and cheeks and lower back. I could feel the weight of it and he smacked it on me a few times. I kept writhing my hips around and I so very badly wanted him to just shove it all the way in until his balls were against my clit but I knew he was going to tease me and even though I wanted that hunk of meat to be buried so deep inside of me I also knew that he was going to do some things with his fingers and his mouth that were going to drive me crazy and cum so very hard and for that I was looking forward to as long as he filled my pussy up with his cock. I briefly thought for a moment about all of the cock he said I wanted and I wondered if he knew that there was a small part of me that would’ve enjoyed getting a lot of cock that night.

    He then ran his fingers under me while his cock still laid on my ass and OMG it felt so good. He always knows where and how to touch me. Sometimes he teases but this time he went right for the spot that was going to make me cum so fast and I think he knew how badly I needed it and so he worked his fingers right above my clit to my clit and back up while every now and then rubbing my opening. OMG it felt so good and I closed my eyes and arched my back and he knew I was enjoying it and then he said, “you thinking about all the cocks you could be having right now?” and I thought, “OMG how did he know”? Because I was not only imagining about some of the guys from the night from the nude pool but I was imagining some of the guys cocks from blogs on Tumblr that I check on and how it would be kind of cool if they were here with my husband and I. (Public Service Announcement, no I do not want you to send me cock pictures. I am talking about some blogs I check on occasion. I just want to make that clear.) So I asked him how did he know and he told me that’s all sluts like me ever think about is how much cock could they get and he knew that if I could have more than just his cock tonight I would. I just said, “yes baby, your wife is a slut and I can’t help it. I need so much cock even if I get it several times a day every day it is still not enough”. He then said, “that’s how all you Asian sluts are. Why do you think I married you? To serve me and fuck me every single day and to suck my cock on command including any random guy I tell you too. You are such a good little whore”. I said, ‘thanks daddy and thank you for letting me get used because I deserve to be used by everyone”.

    He started working his magic on me with his fingers and I couldn’t really concentrate as I knew I was going to cum and I wanted to cum so badly so I focused on how he felt while I imagined some random cock with no face fucking me so good and I started to cum really hard and my husband kept his hand under me while his hard cock still laid on my ass and his other hand firmly kept a hold of my ass cheek and I started to shudder while my orgasm was so intense and I moaned so loud that I was sure everyone in the lovetel could hear my moans of pleasure until I finished cumming and couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away from my husband. I looked over my shoulder and looked at him while he stood there with his good naked body and his big hard cock sticking out and I realized there was a lot of precum on the end of his cock and I could feel the sticky spot from it on my lower back and I knew he was going crazy.

    He commanded me to assume the position and I know what that means and I get back on my elbows and knees still at the edge of the bed and I arch my back and my husband gripped my ass as I felt his tongue just go straight for my ass and I gasped as I love having my ass licked. OMG it felt so good as he rimmed me and then went in and then back out to the rim. I was trying to rock back and forth as I kept thinking about how good it feels to get rimmed while having a cock inside of me and for that matter how good it feels to have a mouth on my pussy while getting fucked and then my husband started working his way down and his tongue was working the lower opening of my pussy before sticking it inside of me and then his tongue reaching all the way under me to lick my clit. My husband had his hands on my thighs while just eating my pussy and his nose was between my ass while he was reaching his tongue under me to lick me senseless. OMG I was just going really crazy as I kept rocking back and forth and I was moaning so loud and I knew he was going to make me cum again and I kept thinking how very badly I needed some cock inside of me and I wanted it for a long time which meant I wish there were multiple cocks there because when one cums there would be another one ready to fill me up because I just wanted to get fucked so hard and I was hoping my husband was going to fuck me long and hard because that is what I needed and then all of a sudden my body is shuddering again and I arch my back and bend my head to the bed screaming and moaning as I cum so hard and there is so much wetness as my husband just keeps flicking his tongue expertly at my opening and I want very much to close my legs but I don’t want to ruin my orgasm and I finally slow to a stop.

    Usually after my husband licks me so good and my juices are all over his face he will kiss me deeply and I’ll lick some of the juices off his face and of course taste myself while kissing him so deeply but he instead he licked me straight up to my ass and then gripped my hips and in one quick motion he buried himself so deep inside of me that I picked my head up of the bed really fast and gasped out loud. He didn’t ask if I was okay or pull out real quick to make sure it didn’t hurt he just started slamming my pussy from behind and I moaned so loud and my mouth was open so wide as I couldn’t believe how deep and hard he was going but my pussy had been so wet and ready for it I was loving it. He had a hold of my hips so hard and I bit my lip as I tried to rock back to meet his every hard and deep thrust and he was going so fast and I knew there was no way he was going to be able to last and then he started to explode inside of me. It was so intense and even though I wanted him long and hard this was crazy good as he just kept slamming and moaning while he came inside of me.

    He finally slowed to a stop but he did not pull his cock out. In fact it still felt pretty hard and full and he pushed himself very deep inside of me and then he asked me, “you love getting dick don’t you?” and I said, “OMG yes, I can’t get enough of it. I can’t help it I’m addicted to it. I need more baby I need to get fucked some more”. He said, “I bet you do. I bet you couldn’t stop thinking about all of the cocks you could be having today could you? I bet while I was playing with you and while I was going down on you that you were imaging all kinds of different cocks in you”. I replied, “how did you know daddy? How did you know I was thinking about other guys and their cocks and how much I wish they were here feeding me their cocks either in my mouth or pussy”. I could feel the twitch that my husband needed and I knew I needed to be the dirty slut I asked him to treat me like because I knew he was going to start fucking me without ever taking his cock out of me even though he just came moments ago and I knew exactly what to say. 

    He grabbed my hair and made me arch my back even more and started to move inside of me and he was already so deep and he started to fuck me long, slow and very deep. It didn’t hurt it was exactly what I needed and with each deep thrust inside of me he added and extra thrust to make sure it got really deep and that made me add an extra uh which made him like it even more and I said, “sorry daddy but you knew you were getting into when you married me. You knew you would have to share me with all the other cocks because that is what I need it is what I crave. Just the thought of all those cocks taking their turns on me fucking me and satisfying me makes me so wet”. My husband started to pound me even harder and he kept telling me how much of a slut and whore I was and that there were so many guys that were so lucky to experience my pussy because it was so good and he told me to never deny a guy what is rightfully his and that was my pussy. I said, “it would always be his pussy.” and he said, “damn right it is which is why I am telling you that if a guy wants to fuck you that you are never to deny him the right to fuck you because you are nothing more than a fuck toy for all men to enjoy”. OMG I thought I was going to die because this was what I needed tonight and my husband was playing the role perfectly and his reaction to mine was perfect and damn he just kept pounding me even harder and I knew I was going to be sore after this but I didn’t care because this is what I needed so very badly and I could tell this is what he needed and I was so happy to be his little slutty Asian whore that most of you guys on here fantasize about and I was giving it right to him. Then I said, “If you had any idea how much cock I get while you are not here you would lose your mind.” and that’s when he lost it as he pumped his cum into me and OMG he felt so good I mean so very good and he had a hold of my hips so tight as he just kept saying “uh uh uh.” while pumping me with his big cock and I met every thrust by rocking back on him while moaning so loud that I think the whole building could hear us. He finally slowed to a stop and I looked over my shoulder because I very much wanted to kiss my wonderful stud husband who always knows how to please me and bring me such joy. I looked back at his sweaty body as his breathing was finally starting to slow down and he said, “fuck! That was amazing”. I smiled and said, “yes it was. Now come kiss me and don’t you dare let your cock come out and he smiled as he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. 

    We started to fall forward on our stomachs and he laid on top of me still kissing me and my neck and his cock started to soften up but still very full so it didn’t really fall out of me but I wanted to clean the cum off his cock because I am a very good little Asian girl and so he rolled on his side and I went down to his cock and I licked him clean and then I laid with him. He asked me if I was okay because he was worried that he fucked me too hard but I told him it was perfect and exactly what I needed and he was happy about that. My pussy was a little sore but it went away pretty quickly. We fell asleep for about an hour and then headed back to my parents place both with very satisfied smiles on our faces.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this. I definitely have my moments and my husband really enjoys them. I have another story for you in a few days of the last night with my husband before he went back to the US that may surprise you guys and bring lots of anticipation for you. Either way I am going to enjoy the tease…


    ICYMI!! This was right before I came to the US and we got word my green card got approved and I could finally move to the US. I hope you enjoyed it if you hadn’t seen it before. 😉😉😉😈😈😈🤤🤤🤤🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘


    Lets try this.....

    For everyone who reblogs this, I will go through your blog and then I will put a detailed description in your ask box of what kind of person I think you are based on YOU and YOUR posts and YOUR blog.

    And I do mean EVERYONE. I’ll do them all, promise 


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    #Blackout for Minneapolis. For Louisville. For Toronto. For Brooklyn. #Blackout for Us All.


    To the #Blackout Community and Tumblr at large, 

    We know you must have a lot of questions or are feeling distressed about the news. The world has been dealing with a lot this year, and it is an especially harrowing time for Black Americans and Black folks abroad. We know your biggest question right now could be summed up by a quote from Toni Morrison:

    “What can I do where I am?”

    Here at #TheBlackout, we have decided to help you start finding an answer to that question - we feel that we need each other. We need unity, organization, a clear sense of direction, but more importantly, a space where you can be yourself without judgement or fear.

    So, in addition to boosting your art and businesses, our highest priority right now is to provide you all with resources to help you start from where you are.

    This is a masterpost of places you can donate, find mental health + spaces for radical self-care, and just do something fun. We will be adding on as things change. 


  • Minneapolis Freedom Bail Fund & Louisville Community Bail Fund 
  • Reclaim the Block
  • Black Visions Collective
  • The Official GoFundMe of George Floyd’s Family
  • Official Petition for Breonna Taylo
  • Justice for Regis Official Fund
  • Justice for Tony McDade Petition
  • Black Lives Matter Network
  • Mental Health Resources:

  • Ethel’s Club - Black-owned and operated social club offering access to Black therapists and a multitude of creative events for People of Color. 
  • Crisis Text Line - A different approach to crisis intervention, Crisis Text Line offers you help when you text 741-741. You’ll be able to chat with someone who is willing to listen and provide you with additional resources.
  • Shine Text. – Black-owned! Sign up to receive cheerful texts and tips every day. 
  • Therapy For Black Girls - A Black-owned a directory to help you find Black therapists in your area. 
  • Tips for Organizing/Protesting:

  • Knowing your rights - ACLU
  • How To Prepare for a Protest. (Remember to wear a mask in or to protect yourself!)
  • A Twitter thread of suggested readings
  • Fun Online Communities and Things to Do:

    Some of our favorite online communities.

    Nerd Culture: @blacknerdproblems, @superheroesincolor

    Poetry and Literary Spaces: Cave Canem Literary Balms program for Black poets Nuyorician Online Open Mic Events, Well-Read Black Girl

    Podcasts: Therapy For Black Girls, Strong Black Legends by Netflix’s Strong Black Lead, The Read with Crissle and Kid Fury.

    Hobbies: #BlackBirdersWeek by BlackAFinSTEM (5/31 - 6/8), Wellness Week by Black Girl Gamers. 

    Join us for the 5/31 Emergency #Blackout/#BlackoutDay here on Tumblr and Twitter.

    Update (5/30/2020 4:41 PM EST): Our original post included a memorial link to Tony McDade. We corrected the link to an ongoing petition. As of this posting, there is no official memorial fund collections for Tony McDade.