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    I. Am. Not. Your. Fucking. Friend.

    Wifey had the audacity to ask me to not come see her man for the weekend because she misses his attention, she’s a little tired of the life style

    She said she’s sure I’ll understand and asked me “woman to woman” hahaha

    You mean “sorry excuse for a woman to a goddess”?

    I grabbed her from her hair and pulled her down over my knees and gave her more reason to be “tired of the lifestyle”

    This is a snapshot of my first day of college. You can see me in the back of the line on the floor. My sister told me I just have to go to this school, because they treat freshman like princesses…..Well as it turns out the only reason there are even Freshman at all is for the purpose of being good little sweet pets. It is cold but at least I get 3 meals a day and about 20 pussy snacks a week. Its fun to be pet and smothered. The shot was taken in the middle of playtime. :)


    Newlywed Mrs Brody simply wanted to know how the insulation and painting work was coming along, a little concerned that her husband’s choice of worker might have been based more on stunningly good looks than skill.

    Jodie turned on her in a flash. “Are you criticizing me, you spoilt bitch?!” Jodie grabbed the woman by the hair and slapped her face hard and repeatedly with her open hand. “Get your fucking clothes off bitch. Everything!  NOW, before I cut them off you!” Jodie’s hand remained poised, ready to repeat the face-slapping exercise if Carol even hinted at any delay in stripping. Lesson learnt, Carol practically tore them all off until she was standing, naked and crying, in front of this beautiful monster she barely knew.

    “Pinch your nipples for me, bitch!” Jodie removed her work clothes to reveal she was wearing a strapon. A big one! It had been her intention to rape the pretty newlywed at the first opportunity, and this was it. Carol tentatively reached up to clumsily caress her cute titties. “I said pinch them you stupid cunt!” Jodie raised her hand and Carol pinched hard on both nipples, gasping in pain and an unfathomable gush of wetness and need in her pussy.

    Jodie grabbed Carol by the hair again and forced the young married down onto the red blanket, which was the perfect position for Jodie to kneel in front of Carol and force her dildo hard into the woman’s tight little hole.

    It was a fast and furious fuck, so different from the gentle somewhat tepid performance of her husband who was the only other person to ever touched her. And unlike his two or three minutes, Jodie just kept ramming that monster into her, much deeper than Mark could ever penetrate. The build to orgasm was slow and unstoppable. Carol was cumming with someone else for the first time in her life! “Oh Goddddddd! Fuck!”

    Jodie kept up and even increased the enegy of her fucking rhythm for a couple of minutes as Carol rolled into a second equally overwhelming orgasm. And before Carol could even get a handle on what was happening, Jodie grabbed her by the tits and flipped her over onto her knees, then rammed back into her, knocking the breath out of her victim. Jodie grabbed and pulled Carol’s hair as she slammed in again and again, and Carole responded by meeting every thrust, growling as yet another orgasm started to build.

    But Jodie’s response to Carol’s impending cum was to pull completely out of the married victim’s desperate cunt, and instead position the huge phallus at her virgin anus. Carol felt the enormous pressure as the artificial cock forced its way into the tiny unready orifice, stretching Carol’s asshole and sphincter painfully as the cock head relentlessly pushed forward.

    Sudden the head was past the sphincter and Jodie was forcing the fat pole, inch after excruciating inch, into tearful Carol’s dirty hole. With all seven thick inches finally embedded into the married woman’s bum, Jodie started a steady full-length fucking rhythm, met by grunts, whimpers and fresh tears running down her face.

    And suddenly without warning, Carole was cumming again. One of her hands grabbed desperately for her clit as her cuntlips and ass started spasming and pulsating wildly. Then she was gushing! Flooding the red blanket with spurt after spurt of her cunt juices.

    Jodie laughed. “Filthy little whore!” She pulled the girl-cock out of Carol’s ass and came around to her pretty face, forcing the smelly phallus into Carol’s mouth. “Suck your shit off it!” Jodie grabbed Carol’s head with one hand and started face-fucking the hapless newlywed, driving her dildo into Carol’s gagging throat. Jodie used her other hand to flick her own exposed clit towards a well-deserved orgasm. “Make yourself cum, Mrs Brody bitch. Now!” Carol somehow managed to rub her clit furiously, despite being barely able to breathe with a girl-cock hammering down her throat.

    As Jodie sensed she was ready to cum, she pulled fully out of Carol’s mouth, pulled aside the strapon and shove her cunt hard onto gasping Carol’s lips and tongue. Carol came hard and so did Jodie, her juices running into her victim’s mouth and all over her chin and tits.

    Jodie threw Carol to the ground. “Tomorrow, bitch! Same time. Same place. And make up and dress properly like a good little whore to service me!”

    Carol was now crying as her humiliation and rape overwhelmed her. But uppermost in her mind was a single question - “What sexy clothes and makeup should I wear tomorrow?”


    So this just made me cum hard omg I love this and wish it happened to me so badly

    Hey everyone, I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had any time to write stories or caption pictures but I’m free all weekend so if you all have any requests for stories or pictures you want captioned let me know and I’ll do my best to have something for you by Monday!