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    Getting bullied by a young teen at the gym ….


    You were furious when you heard that the Stevens daughter Stacy, has been bullying your little sister Tanya for months. The Stevens moved in next door last year and have been nothing but trouble since. Even your mom and Mrs Steven had a little squabble which has been escalating out of control. Well today when you get off work from the gym …you were going to show little Stacy Stevens who’s boss!

    On your break you decided to call your sister and let he know not to worry ….that you were going to “handle” her and teach that little bitch a lesson. You were expecting to hear a sigh of relief from your little sister but instead she sounded worried ….and gave you a warning. “Be careful big sis ….Stacy looks small and petite but she is strong. She might only be a sophomore … but she eats us senior girls for lunch. Since you are graduating college she will really try to hurt you. IF word got around Stacy beat you up …she would be a boss! Please be careful!

    She ended the phone call as her break was over, turned around and couldn’t believe her eyes ….Stacy was standing right behind her! "Umm …..oh hi Stacy. How long have you been standing there??” SMACK! SMACK! SMACKI! Quicker then lightning the petite little blonde delivered 3 powerful smacks across my face! “Long enough bitch”. “So ….teach me a lesson huh?” “On your knees bitch!” POW! Stacy punched me right in the face! My knees buckled and next thing I knew I was on my knees in front of her. “Looks like Im gonna own all of the Wilson women! lol. First your little weakling sister Tanya ….second that big tit whore mother of your who I gave an ass beating to last night right before my mother strapped her ….and now you college pussy.

    "You’ve got 2 choices slut. I can either give you the beating of your life …and I mean I am really gonna hurt you ……or you can follow me around the gym tonight until the end of your shift …..licking and kissing my ass and showing everyone here your my bitch! What’s it gonna be cupcake?”


    Jasmine used to be the owner of the house , but she made a terrible comment on how much a klutz her blonde maid Tanya was that she was just a like bimbo to her friend over the phone, but the maid heard it all. She slowly began to to play music and dropping suggestions into Jasmine’s mind. Till two weeks later , after Jasmine returned hope long day of shopping she called for Tanya. Tanya walked out as the music  that always played  helped Jasmine relax. Jasmine laid on her couch relaxing. Before, she knew it she got up and was in a maid outfit. While Tanya was in her new clothes.  Jasmine used the trigger words she had planted. Her planned worked to the tee Jasmine couldn’t be helped but be turned on. She wanted to resist,but it if felt so good obeying Tanya. Now Jasmine had become Tanya’s maid serving her but still paying her.


    I’d come home to find that horrible bitch Miranda in my bed, legs wrapped around my husband. I’d stormed out, heading to a hotel. I didn’t sleep a wink, replaying the horrific image over and over again in my mind.

    The next morning, there was a knock on my hotel room door. I opened it to find a smirking Miranda. Before I could say anything, she slapped me hard accross the cheek. Then again. Then again. I fell to my knees, begging her to stop.

    “That’s right, loser, on your knees to the woman who’s fucking your husband!”

    That night, my husband returned home. There was Miranda, in my favourite sleepwear, looking flawless. And me, kneeling before her, her foot resting majestically and possessively on my back.

    “Tell him what you are”, she demanded, pressing her foot down into my back.

    “I am Tanya, maid to you and Mistress Miranda, Sir”.

    She grinned. “Tonight, our new little maid is going to sit here and watch how a real woman pleases her man. Tomorrow, she begins her new life serving us in any and all ways. If you agree, of course?”

    Mouth agape, he nodded.

    “Good. On MY bed then, stud!”

    He laid down and she started toward him, stopping, turning, and ordering me onto the chair. *slap*. “Sit there and watch, bitch. Got it?”

    Yes, Mistress Miranda!


    She is happy to help out the family next door while their maid is in the hospital. She doesn’t mind they won’t pay her, after all, they’re neighbours and they need her help. She was surprised they wanted her to work naked though. And she is unsure about the way the two bratty daughters keep making new messes for her to clean. Surely that can’t be part of the deal?


    Her tits slapping together, breeze on her wet cunt, Elizabeth scrambled across the lawn, hurrying to keep up with her Mistress. Mistress insisted on complete control of Elizabeth’s pussy, and hadn’t allowed her any release for three months now. “Maybe this summer,” she had said casually a couple of days ago, and her cunt had contracted embarrassingly. It seemed Elizabeth had no control over her arousal anymore. Mistress laughed and teased and called her a “bitch in heat,” which was undeniably true. The disgraceful evidence glistened on her thighs from the moment she woke up in the morning, and there was nothing she could do about it. She felt increasingly like the dumb desperate animal Mistress wanted her to be. Her shame was mixed with excitement and even a kind of relief at not having to make decisions anymore. It was a strange feeling that only intensified when Mistress extended her control to the most intimate functions and led her outside in the back yard to pee on the grass while she supervised. Elizabeth really needed to pee, but she was blushing and embarrassed and wasn’t sure she’d be able to let go. Mistress waited patiently for about 30 seconds before asking whether she needed to get the cane. Elizabeth moaned and against her will, her hips moved slightly in the air–whether from excitement or fear, she wasn’t sure. Mistress noticed and smiled.

    Text by  shy-grrl and deliciae-delectae