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    Jasmine used to be the owner of the house , but she made a terrible comment on how much a klutz her blonde maid Tanya was that she was just a like bimbo to her friend over the phone, but the maid heard it all. She slowly began to to play music and dropping suggestions into Jasmine’s mind. Till two weeks later , after Jasmine returned hope long day of shopping she called for Tanya. Tanya walked out as the music  that always played  helped Jasmine relax. Jasmine laid on her couch relaxing. Before, she knew it she got up and was in a maid outfit. While Tanya was in her new clothes.  Jasmine used the trigger words she had planted. Her planned worked to the tee Jasmine couldn’t be helped but be turned on. She wanted to resist,but it if felt so good obeying Tanya. Now Jasmine had become Tanya’s maid serving her but still paying her.


    When you are walking around the mall with your gf and notice you are being followed around by a bunch of horny teenage boys and you decide to give them a quick glimpse of something they are never going to get 💋


    Bossy kinda did this to me, she had me wearing that semitransparent black dress with nothing on under it and walked me around the mall..


    Her tits slapping together, breeze on her wet cunt, Elizabeth scrambled across the lawn, hurrying to keep up with her Mistress. Mistress insisted on complete control of Elizabeth’s pussy, and hadn’t allowed her any release for three months now. “Maybe this summer,” she had said casually a couple of days ago, and her cunt had contracted embarrassingly. It seemed Elizabeth had no control over her arousal anymore. Mistress laughed and teased and called her a “bitch in heat,” which was undeniably true. The disgraceful evidence glistened on her thighs from the moment she woke up in the morning, and there was nothing she could do about it. She felt increasingly like the dumb desperate animal Mistress wanted her to be. Her shame was mixed with excitement and even a kind of relief at not having to make decisions anymore. It was a strange feeling that only intensified when Mistress extended her control to the most intimate functions and led her outside in the back yard to pee on the grass while she supervised. Elizabeth really needed to pee, but she was blushing and embarrassed and wasn’t sure she’d be able to let go. Mistress waited patiently for about 30 seconds before asking whether she needed to get the cane. Elizabeth moaned and against her will, her hips moved slightly in the air–whether from excitement or fear, she wasn’t sure. Mistress noticed and smiled.

    Text by  shy-grrl and deliciae-delectae

    Laurie had no idea what she was getting into when she married Kelly’s father.

    She hadn’t spent much time with Kelly before the wedding. Once she moved into the house, Kelly’s brazenness and open disdain for Laurie gave her all kinds of weird feelings.

    She always felt like she was trying to impress Kelly, whether through compliments or doing her favors. After that happened, Kelly always knew exactly what to say or do to make Laurie feel inadequate.

    When Laurie finally broke down and essentially begged Kelly to tell her what she really wanted from her, Kelly acted much faster than Laurie could react. And now, as Kelly’s submissive pet, she gets to be told how inadequate she is while Kelly expertly controls her with her strapon.

    (Originally posted on my Lezbeachian blog.)


    Aaaannnnddd kiss! Now entertain me whores.


    Julia and her sister Katie were feminists trying to stop the Trump Administration from rolling back women’s rights even more. They protested, they marched, and they championed any progressive woman who was willing to stand up to Trump.

    Then they met Rick, a hardcore, MAGA hat-wearing, Trump supporter. He belittled them, mocked them, and otherwise demeaned their causes. He told them to their faces that they belonged on their knees sucking his cock, afterwards getting back in the kitchen to fix him a sandwich and some beer.

    The two women were appalled by his demeanor and they constantly argued with the man. They should have just walked away, but they doubled down in their hatred of the man and antagonized him further.

    Eventually, Rick decided enough was enough and showed them why he thought the way he did. 

    Rick did indeed get that sandwich and beer. 


    @pet-shop-girl This would play out perfectly. You, the sweet innocent cheerleader being seduced by me, the hot athlete who could take your boyfriend in a second. But first I’d have fun with you, getting you all worked up and wet with a hitachi before I send you off to do homework while I ride the fuck out of his dick. I want your panties to be soaking wet with cum as I tease you with the wand and describe all the hot nasty sex he and I are gonna have. You won’t be allowed to cum…not before us at least.


    I’m definitely not a cheerleader type girl but the rest, yes, please @yourpersonalcuckcake


    You were staring through the window at the neighbours daughter while she was changing. Your eyes met and instead of freaking out she smiled and winked at you.

    You were a straight married woman, but somehow she turned you on with just a smile and wink.

    You were masturbating when you heard a knock at the door. It was her. Holding a big strapon and asking if she could come in. You couldn’t resist.