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2020-04-13 15:23:36

    Strange and massive objects plow near the moon, captured on amateur film from Quebec, Canada. (26.03.2020).

    Aliens for April…… why not


    Bro please be nice aliens, like, please

    WOAHHH that’s so cool!!!

    Me expecting a joke video and waiting to see what hilarious item flys by on camera:

    Me seeing what actually happens:

    Reblogging again for the “April Aliens” part

    Why not?

    Sorry dudes, it’s the Kaguya Cadillac science mission

    catching that mission on camera by accident is just as cool as aliens.

    “I was looking at the moon and I accidentally captured footage of a once in a lifetime lunar mission that’s mapping the surface of the moon a quarter of a million miles away…” Now THAT’S COOL!


    now that’s an amazing twist of events

    like, i’m pretty sure tiktok has existed for longer than vine did at this point but i’m yet to actually see an “iconic” tiktok. like people always caption like “this tiktok is ICONIC” but i’ve never seen one stay in the public consciousness for any longer than the 2 minutes it appears on my timeline. i never see people quote tiktoks or like, act them out with their friends or anything, not a single tiktok i’ve seen has had any actual staying power

    meanwhile i can just say like “ROAD work ahead?” and i would bet a good chunk of you have just read that in the guy’s voice. i still see people tag things like “i wish i was jared, 19″. one night at the bar where i work we started an impromptu dance party purely by saying “hi, i’m renata bliss, and i’ll be your freestyle dance teacher”

    i guess brevity really is the soul of wit

    everyone calling me a boomer for this take has confirmed for me that people literally don’t know what boomer means

    Okay dark confession time when I was 13 I got a tumblr bc my mom finally let me have an email, and immediately I ended up in kin tumblr. It's like 2016 for reference. So anyways at the time kindating was still hugely a thing and not particularly thought of as weird as long as you stayed in the bubble of kin blogs. But I was 13 and technically not allowed to date, and frankly was kinning for notoriety in kinblr, until I got messaged abt possibly kindating. I ended up breaking it off w that person but they bought me a Nintendo eshop gift card(which to be fair is the height of romance to a starry eyed barely teen kin blogger on tumblr in 2016, aka me) so I started this get rich quick scheme for Nintendo eshop gift cards from kindating bc I didn't have a PayPal at the time. I'd match kins with people just to kindate them and get a gift card. I think I quit after 3 months and remade my blog. Anyways the eshop is long dead so I can't recreate this scheme even if I wanted to. I refer to this story as kinfishing