evictions will begin again in NYC in about a month, and this will leave many people and families homeless, which in the heart of this country's epidemic could be a death sentence. shelters are already overcrowded as it is.

    please donate to the NYC Eviction Fund started by Esteban Martinez here:

    many cities are also about to be facing a mass eviction crisis. one way to help is donate to or start mutual aid funds like this specifically for eviction prevention in your city. housing is a human right!

    your first and most pressing concern should be for the safety of black people. it should be for justice. it should be in making this not just a moment but a reshaping of cultural bias.

    this is not a fun little game for you to trot around flipping off cops and making light of a situation you were never affected by. it is not your chance to have a little bit of adventure in the middle of a quarantine. i am speaking as an author and i am telling you to stop fucking making this about katniss or harry potter or whatever - you can be shaped by media, sure, but this is not and has never been about you roleplaying your favorite action heroes. this is not another “disaster of 2020″. this is not a quirky instagram post, it’s not a chance for you to meet up with your friends, it’s not a tactic to get your tiktok trending.

    this is about racial injustice. this is about the entire system that is built on that injustice and grows fat on that injustice. don’t get distracted. the police force is not the only systemically racist organization.

    black lives matter. and we do not stop until every organization recognizes that and actually acts on it.


    nah too many people aren’t talking enough about Nakia Crawford and it ain’t sitting right with my soul


    Nakia and her grandmother were in a their car and stopped at a red light when a white man decided to pull up next to them and he proceeded to shoot Nakia several times and she died at the hospital.


    She was 18 a baby a precious human being and She just graduated. Why aren’t people mad? why aren’t y’all furious? why isn’t her named being said?? Our young black women are constantly targeted and murdered and no one says stops NOW!! IT ONLY HAPPENED 2 DAYS AGO !! why aren’t we talking about this?? say her name NAKIA CRAWFORD #JusticeForNakia #SAYHERNAME #NakiaCrawford


    Link to story

    No arrests made as of 6.18.20

    Celebrate #JuneteenthJoy with The Blackout.

    Juneteenth is a day of Black American joy and celebration. It honors the emancipation from slavery in the United States. 

    We want to see what makes you joyful, Black Tumblr. With very many of us processing grief, loss, and trauma, making space for joy is vital. Especially as we continue social distancing measures into the summer.

    This Friday, June 19th, use the tag #JuneteenthJoy along with #Blackout and #BlackoutDay to share your smiles, your strength, and your art and music. Anything that makes you happy.

    We are also committing to donating $19 dollars to 19 organizations and bail funds and challenging our allies to do the same. Stay tuned for our Juneteenth list on Friday. 

    Don’t forget to use #JuneteenthJoy on Friday!

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    - @marsincharge

    to all of my black mutuals, this is probably one of the hardest weeks that y’all ever had so i just want y’all to know that i love you so much, you’re loved, you’re precious, you’re beautiful, you’re important and YOU MATTER not just today but every single day. I’m always here for you and I’m deeply sorry that you have to go through this