trans women who can not have bottom surgery due to complications are still women. trans women who can not afford or attain bottom surgery are still women. trans women who don’t want bottom surgery are still women.


    reblog this to make a terf angry


    More importantly: reblog it to make a trans woman feel better


    not to sound preachy but i’ve never seen anybody rebut “make a terf angry” with “make a trans woman feel better” and… that’s kind of tumblr’s attitude towards trans women summed up as concise as possible. more people should strive to be the second thing because the first is performative and lazy… thank u discourser-of-kruphix…

    reblog it to make a trans woman feel better


    Making trans women feel better is an excellent goal


    a new law is about to be passed in Saudi Arabia that will allow the government to execute people for coming out or being openly gay online.

    ignoring the fact that this is literally something out of some kind of dystopian novel, in the interests of safety i’ve emptied out my face tag and may temporarily deactivate or password protect this blog.

    please reblog this and get the word out, and if you pray, please pray for me and my fellow Saudi LGBTQ+/MOGAI family.


    ALSO, for those who need it [x]. its a post on erasing all traces of yourself from the interwebs. 


    this is not something to read and keep to yourself. please spread this around. may Allah keep everyone safe.


    The link to that post about erasing traces of yourself is not working, just a heads up to all.


    Here are some resources that might be helpful: - Mostly meant to help people find unique usernames that they can reserve across multiple platforms, it doubles as a tool to see which sites have accounts where your username(s) have been used. (formerly - Tells you how to delete accounts on various sites, along with listing sites where you are not able to delete your account at all.

    Look through your email inbox(es), search for words like “registration”, “confirmation”, and “account”.  This can help you find accounts that you made and forgot about, along with defunct mailing lists that you might still be on. 

    If you cannot delete an account, do two things:

    1.  Log into the account and scrub as much info as possible.  Don’t just blank things out, enter fake/nonsense data (First name: SDFlkjsdlkfjkl223, Last name: Bagels). 

    2. Contact the site administrators asking them to manually delete the account.  Mention like “looking for work and trying to clean up social media presence” or something along those lines, telling the truth might not be a good idea (in case your email gets intercepted or turned over to police). 

    There might be legal repercussions to the following advice, investigate it to see the legality where you live:  If you need to use social media to stay in contact with people outside of your area, consider using Tor or a VPN.  Here is a site that can help you choose a VPN service:


    -,’ types of people ,’-

    hogwarts: bloody noses, always trying their best, warm sunsets, late summer nights, sharing secrets, messy hair, movie nights, stargazing, wanting to explore the world, standing up for friends, dogs, loud laughs, fuzzy sweaters

    narnia: pale white snow, red cheeks, hot tea, fantasy stories, neat notes, big scarves, early morning walks, soft smiles, cute coffee shops, calming energy, cold hands, friendly eyes, wanting to learn more, astronomy geeks

    middle earth: ancient souls, coffee, old bookshelves, history nerds, loves mythology, feels at home in the forest, always up for an adventure, oversized hoodies, high grades, striving to be the best version of themselves, cats

    neverland: believes in fate, doesn’t care about opinions, flower fields, standing up for what’s right, honey, photography, amazed by the universe, kind souls, often lost in their own thoughts, friendliness, loves the stars, artistic


    As a person who was, and is, always trying to fill my head with fantasy worlds and fictional heroes I'm a bit of all of em


    tw// explosion

    Hello, hope all of you are safe and doing well.

    You may have heard of what happened in Lebanon today and if not, basically, there was a big explosion in Beirut that affected many cities, destroyed shops, homes, cars, caused many injuries and deaths. The cause is uncertain.

    As a fellow lebanese myself (that also lives there), today was absolutely terrifying, probably the scariest moments of my life. We heard a deafening sound as the floors were shaking. Some of us thought it was an attack, others thought it was an earthquake. As soon as it ended many expected a second one, which luckily never happened.

    Here's a video of what happened that was sent to me, there are also many others that you can find online.

    Windows were broken, doors wrecked, cars flipped over, buildings collapsed, people hit by flying or falling objects, and unfortunately, many didn't make it out alive.

    We were one of the lucky ones, our families and friends were all safe and our homes were fine.

    Some people couldn't even get out of the crumbling builings, so we saw corpses being pulled out, although some people survived the crash. But wherever we looked, there was blood, poeple were half covered in it, their shirts, pants, hair, everything. And that sight was traumatizing.

    We watched the news with elders severely injured, children with blood-spattered shirts and people in pain that couldn't get in the hospitals because they were full.

    Some people are missing. Just try to imagine the pain and fear their families and friends are feeling.

    Articles about what happened, there are a lot more

    Not only are we in the middle of a pandemic, but Lebanon is also going through a very serious economical crisis. To give you an example, before, $1 equaled 1 500 lebanese pounds. Nowadays, $1 equals more than 7 000 lebanese pounds. Not to mention that we obviously don't have any dollars at disposition, so yeah we're fucked.

    People are hungry, homeless, unemployed. And even if they are getting paid, it'll be useless since the prices of everything went up because they were affected by the economical fiasco.

    Important additional information

    Today, I heard my 7 year old cousins scream in fear that they were going to die. I saw my aunt shaking, worried that her children won't survive. I saw my dad freak out while trying to reassure us when we both knew that we were uncertain about the next minutes of our lives. I heard the panic in the trembling voices of my family and friends as they couldn't believe what had just happened. I thought my loved ones and I were going to die in the next seconds.

    I'm never forgetting those moments and feelings.

    I don't think signing petitions will help, i don't even know if the following links will help either, I just know Lebanon and it's people are desperate for anything because the future of this country is extremely uncertain.

    I think donating to the red cross would be the most helpful, so if you are considering it, it'd be great.

    There are so many great threads on twitter about what you can do to help, just search help lebanon or something to find them. Also if you can, please donate, and as I said, the lebanese pound is pretty much worthless currently so USD is way more useful to us.




    okay not to be a downer but petitions won’t do anything for lebanon, reading a carrd by a westerner who has literally no clue what is going on apart from what the western media has told them won’t do anything for lebanon so it’s better if you read what an actual lebanese person has to say (their views on current political parties do not reflect every person from lebanon’s views, but at least it isn’t feeding into us imperialistic propaganda). signing petitions isn’t helping. please donate. this twitter thread explains why USD donations are important in this situation and provides links to many gofundme’s / other methods of donating. one of them leads to the Lebanese Red Cross app, and this explains in more detail on how you can donate. it isn’t a government organization, and according to people in the replies, the red cross is the best option and though the red cross in other countries have a bad reputation, this is apparently not associated with any other foundation. donating to individual people in lebanon might not work because their currency has been losing its value over the past couple months, so the best option is donate to organizations like Global Impact and the Red Cross, food banks, and gofundmes where the person will make sure the money is converted themselves (not through the website), also i would considering checking this account, they are part of an independently owned Lebanese media/news site and is actively updating their account / setting up new fundraisers and providing resources. make sure to check who you are donating to, you don’t have to donate to EVERYTHING you see but if you actually want to help, do not just sign petitions. donate to people or at least get others to donate if you currently don’t have the means to do so.


    Since I can't donate reblogging is the best I can do at the moment


    literally all of online “stan twitter” language is just aave that’s been popularized and generalized by nonblacks to the point where black people are the ones who look out of pocket for using words we came up with because funny internet persona #23904378 wants to use “deadass” and “finna” in every other sentence


    can white people please reblog this because all i see in my notes are people of color and y’all need to own up to the fact that you overuse aave as well (looking @ u white gays)


    Yeah I've definitely used aave before. Online and in person. And I'm glad this post came along cause it's the perfect opportunity to own up to it


    if you don’t have @ least one collection of specific items i literally have nothing more to say to you. we will never relate to each other. however, you cool ass motherfuckers who do collect @ least one type of thing, reblog this post and say what that thing is. i’ll go first: clown dolls and good luck charms


    • salt n pepper shakers

    • feathers

    • keys

    • broken/misshapen utensils

    And I think that's about it

    Look at the incredible amount that Noelle Stevenson and Molly Ostertag raised for the Black Lives Matter movement! (x) This could not have been possible without the She-Ra fandom. ♡ If you want to watch the donation livestream, here is the link.

    Here are the donation links to the different organizations that Noelle, Molly, and the fandom helped support:

    Black Lives Matter

    Black Visions Collective

    Center for Black Equity

    Marsha P. Johnson Institute


    name one native american intellectual off the top of your head, name one native american actor or actress off the top of your head, name one native american senator, one native american news anchor, or an author or a tv personality or a singer or a poet or a comedian, name a single native american teacher you’ve had, can you? probably not 

    ok so now think of one native american cartoon character you know of or a sports team relating to native americans whether it’s their actual name or their team logo, or a town you live in or near with a “native” name bet a lot of these things came to you right away i bet you didn’t even have to think 

    needing native representation in media, education and government are not decoy issues, the commercialization and appropriation of native cultures are not decoy issues, the lack of native representation is institutional oppression at work 


    White people specifically need to reblog this, I don’t CARE if it makes you uncomfortable–that’s the point. Listen to Native voices about Native issues PLEASE