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I love porn. Have for as long as I can remember. But I've never been a fan of the moneyshot. To me, if it doesn't end with cum swallowed by, slurped from, deposited in, oozing from a woman somewhere, or shared by two women, I just find that I'm just a little disappointed. Hell, a rubber full of cum is preferrable to a load of cum left drying on a belly or tits. And I really have no use for a facial across tighly sealed lips. Or a shot into an open mouth that's quickly spit out. This blog is definitely NSFW and 18+. Most of what's here has been reblogged. Some is stuff I've found on the net. And someday I may post my own stuff. Enjoy! other blogs: thetasteofawoman.tumblr.com lactolicious.tumblr.com Upskirts-and-downblouses.tumblr.com Amazinginsertions.tumblr.com Pelvicflowers.tumblr.com omgassess.tumblr.com

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    We have an exciting announcement!

    Yesterday’s Tumblr Purge hurt all of us. To help us in moving forward, we decided to create a feature where you can use the same username that you were before—perhaps for years. Verified Tumblr users will be able to reserve the same username on MojoFire. What does this mean for you?

  • Your name is reserved for you and no one else can use it
  • You will be easily found by your community
  • You can easily find your friends again
  • As soon as this feature is ready, you’ll be the first to know.

    Thanks again for your continued support while we’re building our new home. We’re happy to have you.

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    Can you please dump that horrific captcha. For people with visual processing issues, and people who dont recognise a lot of american words and images, it is absolutely terrible to get through. I had to give up attempting to sign up for the email list. If it continues to be used, I’m definitely not joining.


    Will do! It was a freakish piece of crap MailChimp forced upon us.


    Hello. What would you do from the following? 1) Get fucked by a Tumblr fan (like me) and let him cum over your body. 2) Get fucked by him and let him cum inside your pussy. 3) Ride him and keep riding till he burst his load deep inside your pussy. Literally draining him inside you 4) Let him cum inside and wear panties over it so you can feel his cum whole day. 5) Let him cum inside and go to some other guy for sloppy sex😉

    Are you gay?