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    so funny to me when white american christians are like “ooh i incorporate my religious trauma into my art and thats why i draw these stained glass gothic church gold multi eyed reneissance sculpture angels agnus dei” like i know your protestant southern california ass didnt have any of that. go make some art about this


    Great bit of art about the banality of evil


    Their trauma IS not having proper furniture


    hey girl uhhhh did you know that



    In case you are unaware

    Crinkley Bottom, aka Blobbyland, is an abandoned theme park in Lancashire dedicated to this beloved abomination

    Blobbyland, uhhhh. It isn't so much a theme park as like a themed....park? idk what you call them. like no rides to speak of it's just a collection of concrete shells of houses where Mr Blobby mascot characters are meant to walk around and interact with guests

    Here are some fun and entirely true Blobbyland facts

  • Blobbyland Morecambe, aka Noel Edmond's World of Crinkley Bottom, opened in July 1994 and closed. in November 1994.
  • It was meant to save the area's flagging economy and be the greatest coup of the local council's careers. Instead it arguably killed Morecambe's entire economy stone dead.
  • As part of a marketing stunt, a nearby train station changed its name to Bare Crinkley Bottom. this isn't part of the saga, it's just funny
  • People genuinely thought this was a great idea. it was literally. Like ten concrete houses and a man in a Mr Blobby suit. that somehow cost the council £300,000 and would have needed 250,000 visitors in the first three months to break even
  • They did not break even
  • After a month, to prop up waning visitors, they granted Blobbyland a liquor licence. now it contained ten concrete houses, Mr Blobby, and a lot of very drunk people
  • They closed it down after 17 weeks and tried to sue Noel Edmonds for its failure
  • Now they owed Noel Edmonds £950,000 in damages for bringing a spurious suit
  • The total cost of BlobbyGate was somewhere around £2.6 million of taxpayer money from the people of Morecambe
  • They never demolished Blobbyland
  • It's still out there. Waiting. Mouldering. Regularly being invaded by urban explorers.
  • Is Mr Blobby also still out there in the concrete corpse of his home in the Lancaster woods? Perhaps. Who among us can truly say?
  • There's also an abandoned Blobbyland in Somerset which is way more complete and therefore horrific in photos, but doesn't have the distinction of nearly destroying an entire town within 4 months.
  • bootleg-bimbo

    love to play video games here in the future where instead of popping a disc into a console and playing right away, i buy it on an online storefront which forces me to make an account and download its proprietary software which allows me to begin downloading the game but before i can finish the download and install the game it requires me to make another account and download more proprietary software from the creator of the game itself and then once this is done i hit play but before the game can start it first has to boot up the latter piece of proprietary software and that can’t be booted up until the first piece of proprietary software is booted up and now that this is done it opens the game launcher which asks me if i’d like to verify my account info to be safe but i click no so then it finally boots up the game itself but before i can play i have to watch five minutes of company logos and a quick slideshow of the hot new microtransactions available in game which would cost five times the price of the game itself if you were to buy all of them but it’s okay because once it finishes i am ready to hit play and wait ten more minutes for the game to load in and immediately crash. truly we’ve come so far


    The No-Crash DLC costs extra.


    And the Day One patch that’s the same size or larger than the game.


    And the patch breaks more in the game than it fixes AKA the early Disciples 3 patch.