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    Help my friend leave his abusive household

    My friend Eli is currently living with his physically and emotionally abusive parents. He is transgender and in an area that is not safe on top of having transphobic parents.

    He needs funds to move himself and his pets out. $5000 would do wonders.

    Please, if you can donate do so. If not a reblog is much appreciated.



    $85/$5000 please boost/donate if you can


    Help a Chronically poor black trans man during Juneteenth

    Happy hollow federal holiday thats a liberal mask to conceal the real ways the government has continually shot down any systematic change recently proposed that would actually improve the livelihood of any black person in the country myself included 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I’m posting today because my last post never really got the traction it needed to get the goal reached as well more events happening and just the overall mental drain it takes on me to continuously update and boost these posts in a time sensitive manner when I’m in a very unstable and vulnerable position in all aspects of life rn.

    In short I was able to raise just enough to cover this month, but we’re still strapped for July. My ex-roommate is dodging all calls from the landlord and at this point I hope they lose their deposit but even so it’s un likely our landlord will use that to cover the last month of the lease. Moreover we’re extra fucked because they never communicated with us about switching the gas and electric bills to our name and without them on a three way call to change things we got stuck with this shit.

    And to add insult to injury I lost the same job for the second time with no explanation after wasting my time and all the money poured into doing orientation and two interviews which is devastating to say the least.

    The only thing I have going for a me at the moment aside from a dear friend coming to see me in a week is I’ve finally spoken to a lawyer about getting my unpaid PUA benefits sorted and possibly a discrimination suit against the shelters I lived in the past few years. How long until I get anything out of those ventures I have no clue, but until then I’m still unemployed and my mental health is tanked and this is what I have to my name.

    As always any help is greatly appreciated.

    $0/$1019 as of Juneteenth 2021






    thank you all so much!


    $305/$1019 !!!❤️❤❤️❤️❤️

    URGENT! TRANS WOMAN IN TROUBLE: I haven't gotten any donations in a few days, and I need to.

    hi everyone, i've been in immigration limbo for a few years now, and covid has made it worse. i have been deported twice since the start of the pandemic, and lost most of my material belongings because of it.

    i plan to file for a residence permit next month, and it's time-sensitive. if i am successful, i'll have legal status for the first time since 2017. if i can prove i have 2000€ in the bank account, i'll get it. i do not have 2000€ in my bank account.

    i've raised over half the money through other posts, but i need to raise almost 1000€ in the next week or two




     Please, with everything that I have in me, I am begging for help for a family of 2 disabled black siblings (my autistic brother & myself with a physical disability) to not go homeless again during this pandemic.

     For those who don’t know, I am a physically disabled black woman and the sole caretaker of my autistic brother. Last year, we lost the home our father worked his entire life for after he passed away. My brother and I were made homeless.

     Since, we’ve been able to rent a home. But with our unique situation of no income, no rental history, no credit… nobody wants us as renters and the only deal we were able to get was to pay our entire YEAR’s worth of rent up front.

     The last I updated you all, we were waiting on a hearing to determine the status of my brother’s disability case. We have been fighting for his disability for the whole year since we moved across the country, and after it was illegitimately denied TWICE before… the hearing that was set for June 3rd finally came. It was our last hope to get the funds we need to pay our upcoming rent. But when the date came… after waiting tirelessly… we were informed that it was postponed until 3 months from now.

    Three Months.

     Our lease ends at the end of July, we DO NOT have Three Months. The way the disabled are discarded like nothing is unbearable. You have no idea the pain I felt that day… seeing them treat a case that is so important that it stands between us and our home… like just another file. Like it means nothing. And this is what I mean when I say…

     They Do NOT Want Us To Live.

     It would have been our last hope at stable income to be able to pay our rent normally. We do not have any income at this time. Even the art that I was making was taken down by Etsy. Everyday I wake up in agony of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

     Call after call with no leads to any help. I haven’t had any transportation for the entire year since we were first kicked out of the only home we ever knew, and it’s been so unbelievably hard to find any work that I’m capable of without it. 

     I have given my everything.

     And I have gotten nothing back.

     And with all of it, I still sit here with my only sliver of hope to reach out to anyone who might see this.

     For the past several months, I have been trying to work up the courage to ask for help again. The strength to reach out again. If it was just me, I don’t think I could do this. But my brother, who has no way whatsoever of taking care of himself… what is he supposed to do if we lose our home? It has taken everything in me to sit here and write this cry for assistance.. but cry, I must.

     I have done nothing but look for other options. Tirelessly, day in and day out I have reached out to so many of these “resources” who are supposed to help us in times like this and time and time again, I have been shut down. My willpower has been crushed so much it’s not even describable.

     If you can help us, please know that even the lowest amount that you can possibly afford could help us right now. I’m so scared of losing everything again.

     I haven’t been able to rest. Every moment I’m awake just brings me back to the trauma I’ve experienced this year.

     I would just like to say with you all that

     Disabled Black Lives Matter.

     We deserve to feel safe and secure. We deserve a world that cares what happens to us. I know there are people out there who do. So I am asking you, one more time.

    We need your help.

     Please help us, share our GoFundMe, share our story, donate anything you can at this time. If we can reach our goal we can be safe for AT LEAST another year.

     Help us keep a roof over our heads so that we can KEEP TRYING.

     Thank you 🏽💜


    We only have a matter of weeks at this point and we’re not even close. Please reblog if you can’t help and please know even the smallest donation could help us so so much!