Crystal Shantelle

Welcome to my corner of the internet! NSFW, 18+ - please leave if you are underage! A bit about me: I’m an owned pleasure doll, F, 30. I’ll try to answer any naughty public asks submitted to this blog!

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2021-07-23 13:39:11

    What is your mistress's character like outside of your relationship? For example is she in a high flying corporate job? Or is she more normal and just exercises this side of herself behind closed doors...

    She’s very cheerful and optimistic, a friendly soul. And bossy. She’s always been bossy (but not in a wrong way, she’s easy going and can work out a compromise - she just doesn’t like leaving anything to chance).

    As for job - corporate job is more my thing than her, she has a different line of work, less stable one (Sir has a stable one though)


    How does your mistress interact with guys?

    In a scene? She usually sits to the side (or facetimes them when we’re far away) and enjoys the show, expressing her opinion if she’d like them to do something specific to me. Depending on her mood, she can be anything from an almost quiet spectator to a very bossy lady.

    Out of the scene? They have some pleasant conversations as far as I am aware. They talk through everything that might happen during a scene, they discuss what limits apply etc. I am usually not part of these discussions - Mistress knows my limits well enough to decide on my behalf (and we talk basically every day, so she makes sure we’re all on the same page - and we regularly discuss what works and what doesn’t).


    When are you going to be honest with your followers about your life and husband David?

    Wait, I’m married? Since when? Why was I not informed? I want to file a complaint, I didn’t get to choose the dress and I LOVE wedding dresses! 😂

    Seriously though, you must be mistaking me with someone, I’m not married now, I’ve never been married, I don’t even have a boyfriend now (unless you count Mistress’s husband as one…? But that would be a stretch, I’m not that close with him other than serving him; I am however very close with Mistress).


    Hi, I hope you're well! Sorry if this is too personal/inappropriate, but how did you get into being a pleasure doll? If that makes sense in terms of phrasing x

    Hi, hope you’re well too :)

    I always liked pleasing others and I’ve got a very high sex drive (somewhat kept in line thanks to birth control, but still high and absolutely going through the roof whenever I go off of it for some time), so becoming a pleasure doll just felt like a natural step for me :)


    dont be afraid to use my body while im asleep. im soft and vulnerable and so easy to slide into when im sleepy and warm. im just a cumsleeve, youre allowed to use me. watch me squirm and moan in my sleep while u pick up speed, eventually pounding into my soft body, pulling and pushing me by the hips as u impale me again and again on your thick cock. sink into me as deep as you can go and pump ur sticky hot cum into my holes so theres no doubt youvd bred me and then leave me there dripping so i can wake up knowing a slut like me will get used whenever a hard cock wants to and i have no choice but to take it


    I’m a fucktoy, so it’s natural that Sir can use me whenever he feels like it, even when I am asleep - I’m always happy to please Sir and Mistress 🖤