Feeling a little depressed tonight/this morning I found out a friend passed early this week... She just had a baby in November. And I'm thinking of missed opportunities and lack of them while tapping a bottle of vodka.

    So my head is feeling heavy, my eyes are irritated, and I'm depressed.

    Life at fifty isn't much different than at sixteen

    Of coarse it doesn't help that I'm also trying to quit smoking again so I'm a tad moody like my teenage kid

    Something different for me at least

    My old lady admitted that the thought of causing physical pain to turned her on. When we were talking about it I checked and she was soaked. She proceeded to sound me with her inch long fingernail causing pain which only seemed to egg her on to push harder. Then she orgasmed telling me how she wanted to hear me scream into her pussy as one of her well hung bfs pounded the living crap out of my virgin asshole after I watched him fuck and cum there. Who fluffed him was never decided! I've never had anything larger than about an inch and a quarter in diameter and six inches long up there so her next weekend off might be painful...... Its kind of funny she went from being afraid of hurting me to Cummings at the thought of it. How people change.


    With the coming of spring comes flip flop and sandal season. For a person like me it is a season that tests self control. I always wonder what a girl/girl's feet smell like, taste like and especially feel like kicking, stomping, or standing on my nuts. Difficult for me not to drool on myself just going to a store let alone other urges.

    things i haven’t told my wife but think she knows (or should)

    -i want to watch(or hear) her get gangbanged

    -i want to have her or a well hung ts (if she is watching) kick me in the balls

    -i want her to punch me in the balls while she blows me

    -i want her to crush my balls under her feet or watch a hung trans woman do it

    -i want her to watch while i get my anal cherry broken while she is getting fucked

    -i want her to watch and laugh and coach me while i suck dick

    -i want to suck the cum and piss out of her when she is finished with her lovers