The Mind of a Wannabe-Cuck

Submissive wannabe-cuck. Cuckolding/femdom/humiliation. In a FLR. Beta boy/foot boy. Submissive to the superiority of females. 18+ Only. NSFW

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    Just think about it. A girl like this will have the attention of every single man she ever meets. Every single man will think about fucking her, and many of them will give it their shot. It is simply in out nature. With all that attention and power, will she really settle for only one man for the rest of her life? It is possible, but odds are not in her favor.

    You can safely assume that at one point there will be an argument, she will get drunk, her instincts will get the better of her, or any number of possibilities will line up to her being open to have sex with another man. Fortunately for her, girls like her always have a world full of men waiting in line to seize the opportunity. In other words, a girl like this will not be able to stay faithful. Nature just didn’t build her to do that.

    So when you marry a girl like this, do not stress her out, just don’t expect her to be faithful at all. Encourage her to become a slutwife, let her know she is free to fuck with whoever she chooses, and let her know if it ever happens you will still love her. Tell her there is nothing wrong with her cheating, she was simply built to get fucked. You might as well enjoy it too.