Your wife wanted a good Valentine Day’s fuck but you lasted for less than 30 seconds. She left you tied, blindfolded and panty gagged and went out to meet another man. She told you afterwards how much she had enjoyed his big cock, more than any present, and fed you your first Valentine’s Day cream pie.

    All your wife told you was to invite your best friend over.  But then she joined you both in the living room in just lingerie and asked him, “has my hubby told you that he never lasts for more than 30 seconds?”

    “Your wife is a born model,”said your boss as he gave you the pictures.

    “She exudes sensuality in every picture,” he added.

    “Her beauty is meant to be admired in the nude, or very scantily clothed.”

    “Since the first photo shoot, I’ve fucked her every time she has posed for me.”

    “She  has the sweetest pussy I’ve fucked. A pity your penis is too small, a  pity you come too quickly. I’ll let you keep the pictures, you can  masturbate to them.”

    To humble you, your wife asked you, "do you think your friend might have the same premature ejaculation issues you have?"

    And added, "he could be the best option for a threesome if he didn't."

    It was soon obvious that they both liked a little too much that you agreed, especially when your wife said, "my hubby will watch, nothing else."

    … Honey, you can’t even imagine how good it felt when he took me from behind ...“





    Honey, you can’t even imagine how good it felt when he took me from behind. He fucked me for long ... very long ... before he spurted inside my pussy. Certainly, he isn’t the kind of man who would squirt over my bottom cheeks after rubbing his penis against them for less than thirty seconds. 

    Oh ... honey ... already? ... Now, clean the mess ... use your tongue.

    Nothing could be more humbling for you than seeing your wife’s laughing at you after your penis squirted without even touching it, immediately after you unlocked in front of her the chastity device you had been wearing for 3 weeks. She had told you then, “honey, I think one of the reasons why you never last enough to give me an orgasm may be that you masturbate too much. You should try one of those devices that can prevent excessive masturbation; I’m afraid I’ll have to start dating other men if you keep failing to make me come.”

    She told him calmly that she had been very patient and had let it pass for months; then added that if he came too quickly again, she’s was going to spend the rest of the night at her ex-boyfriend’s house, in her ex-boyfriend’s bed.

    He begged her not to do it. He promised to do his best, but finally bowed to her ultimatum. She enjoyed his surrender, his nervousness, and she even smiled widely when she noticed his clumsy attempts to last longer to please her. She had learned a lot about what triggered him to come, though, and it was mostly her fault that he came more quickly than ever. He said nothing when she asked him, “were you so aroused because I told that I’m going to fuck another man?” He said nothing when she told him to drive her to his house. She concealed her joy; she knew that he had just opened the door for her to fuck whoever she wanted.

    You not only get naked for your mother-in-law every time your wife's boss fucks her in your marital bed, to ‘have the only sex they allow you.’ As your mother-in-law says teasingly, "you can't help it; the louder he makes your wife moan with pleasure, the sooner you squirt."