He told you, “I knew that exposing her boobs to other people, as I told her to do, would make your wife feel utterly submissive. When we met at the party, she told me, ‘I wish you could fuck me now, instead of after the party.’ I found a place to let her suck my cock ... and she couldn’t suck it more eagerly.”

    I was already completely addicted to his cock when he told me that he wanted to fuck you. I told him that I knew how to bring you to him, even if you were reluctant to let him fuck you and to cheat on your hubby. I know you think it will be just once but I know that he doesn’t need more than one night to make you even more addicted to his cock than I am, and that you’ll end begging him to fuck you again ... and even allowing him to share you with his friends.

    He told your wife, “what your husband wants most is to have sex with you, he wants it badly when you wear plain clothes at home; but when he sees you in bra and panties, not to mention when he sees you fully naked, his desire for you becomes mind blowing. That’s the reason why I want you to  be naked at all times the days I’m going to come over; I want him to see you naked, to desire you to the point of madness, and think that I’ll be the only one who’s going to fuck you.”

    Your wife looked back, her gaze meeting your gaze, saying without words, “I’m meeting him, he is in his suite waiting for me.” It has to be hard to keep talking with the other guests knowing that your wife is with him, knowing that he’s fucking her, knowing that in-between moans she might whisper in his ear, “come inside me, I want you to come inside me.”

    At your side, your wife was smiling widely as her boss told you,  “You are no longer allowed any form of penetrative sex with your wife, this is my exclusive privilege. But we don’t want you to feel excluded, I’ll let you undress her for me from time to time, she’ll let you masturbate in front of her ...”

    It was about to happen in front of you... You wondered what would become of you after they kissed, after they had sex. Next morning, you got up a cuckold for your wife and her lesbian lover.

    My daughter wants you to clean her after her dates, and I'm going to teach how to do it properly, maybe even how to make her come with your tongue. Now, crawl between your mother-in-law's legs.

    I loved when I was close to climax and totally under your boss' control, and he asked you, "do you still think that you alone could fully satisfy your wife?" and you shook your head as you blushed. But I know it was probably more humbling to thank him when he said, "Don't worry, boy, you can count on me to help you and your wife."