Your girlfriend had always wondered why your friend was  able to assert such a strong dominance over you so easily. And she also wondered why she found him so sexually appealing.  But most of all, she wonders even now how did he manage to get you to tell her just a week before the wedding, “honey, he’ll fuck you a lot better than me?” And he did, he did it in front of you, he has done it many more times, and you have never questioned that he can fuck your wife whenever he wants, even though you are married, and no man but you is supposed to fuck your wife.

    Honey, I thought you would like to see me wearing it ... the lingerie I wore for my boss on our wedding night ... the one I’ll wear for him on the first night in our marital bed ... after our chaste honeymoon.

    If my groom knew that he’s going to taste your pussy juices on my lips, and not only at the altar, but many many times in the future.

    Nothing could be more humbling than hearing your stepsister say, “just before getting ready for your wedding, your bride sucked his big black cock in front of my mom and me, and rode his cock until he came inside her too. Now he wants to fuck your wife in front of you and another one of his lovers, your mom.”

    At first your fiancee said, as she smiled, “you are a very naughty man! You know I’m getting married in a week.” Later, after three orgasms, she asked him, ”would you fuck me even if I marry?”

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  • At first your fiancee said, as she smiled, “you are a very naughty man! You know I’m getting married in a week.” Later, after three orgasms, she asked him, ”would you fuck me even if I marry?”

    Your bride not only was pregnant with her boss’ child when she married you, she had sex with him the very morning of your wedding day and had his cum deep inside her when she walked down the aisle. She even used the pregnancy as an excuse to skip “wedding night sex” and ensure that he was the first one to fuck her after the vows. And she wants a big family ...

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  • Immediately after the ceremony, your bride told you to entertain  your guests while she had some time alone with your sister. You just said, “of course, love,” and blushed deeply. A few weeks before she had told you that your sister licked pussy a lot better than you do and that she was taking her with you on your honeymoon.

    A few days before the wedding, the Chinese fortune cookie prediction you got read, “A man who marries a woman who has had sex with other men is already a cuckold, no matter how obstinately he denies it. And he will be cuckolded even further.” When you showed it to your fiancee, she said, “decades ago, men expected her brides to be virgins; nowadays, only the most naive and gullible grooms believe that their wives aren’t going to have a fling from time to time. But don’t worry, I’ll be faithful to you ... in between lovers.”

    It was the fortune cookie prediction most likely to come true.

    Your bride looked incomparably beautiful in that pose, she allowed you to contemplate her for a few minutes. Then, he raised the skirt of her bridal gown to mid-thigh and caressed her very slowly. After teasing her for a while, he lowered her white-bridal-lingerie panties along her white stockinged  legs. The first sex was long and passionate, she moaned in response to his thrusts and with the two orgasms he gave her. He came inside her ... and you had not just witnessed your newlywed wife first sex ... he had shown you to whom belonged your wife.

    Your bride led you upstairs and told you to sit in one of the steps in front of the door and see that nobody bothered your boss and her. And she went inside ... she simply couldn’t wait until wedding night to give her just-married pussy to him.

    Your wife will always remember that she had your boss seed inside her womb when she walked down the aisle; and that before you kissed her at the altar, she had sucked his cock.

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