Your girlfriend had always wondered why your friend was  able to assert such a strong dominance over you so easily. And she also wondered why she found him so sexually appealing.  But most of all, she wonders even now how did he manage to get you to tell her just a week before the wedding, “honey, he’ll fuck you a lot better than me?” And he did, he did it in front of you, he has done it many more times, and you have never questioned that he can fuck your wife whenever he wants, even though you are married, and no man but you is supposed to fuck your wife.

    Walking in on your mom sucking your college roommate’s cock was utterly shocking; but it was even worse when she told you later, “sweetheart, why don’t you invite your roommate over to our house for the mid-term holidays? I think you owe it to him for keeping your girlfriend sexually satisfied but telling her that she must not leave you.”

    Your wife will never forget the first time with your step-dad; by then, she had been your girlfriend for a few months. She’s the happy mother of three now, all of them fathered by him.

    At first your fiancee said, as she smiled, “you are a very naughty man! You know I’m getting married in a week.” Later, after three orgasms, she asked him, ”would you fuck me even if I marry?”

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  • Your mom told you, “Sweetheart, I told your girlfriend that he’s my lover, with your dad’s acquiescence, almost as if he were your step-dad, and that he thought he should be the first to have her. She acted very shyly at first, astounded by the sight of his enormous cock, but after the first orgasm she would do anything to please him. I told her that she can marry you but she’ll have to always available to her lover, and she happily nodded.”

    After I cuckolded him for the first time, I made my boyfriend buy a gold anklet for me, I know that the public display of my availability to other men humbles him a lot and makes him very submissive to me. You don't wear an anklet but given the number of big cocks that you have taken in your pussy behind your boyfriends back or with him knowing, you no doubt deserve to wear one.

    – notice that she’s in fact wearing an anklet

    "So, Harry was the guy who took your high school girlfriend's cherry, wasn't he?" You couldn't believe your ears ... the girl you were going to marry in a week was asking you that question as she dressed very sexily for Harry's party, a party you couldn't attend. But she even added, "you still see him as more manly than you, don't you, honey?"

    Your girlfriend knew that you weren’t who had got her pregnant. About 20% of the boys who marry their girlfriends because they are pregnant, marry them because another man got them pregnant.

    He told you, “keep your eyes on the road,” and your girlfriend added, “at most, sweetheart, a few very quick peeks at the rear mirror.” She’s your wife now, and pregnant with ‘your’ second child.

    She just couldn't help it, hearing your mom say, "if you want to be my boy's girl, you'll have to be my girl too," made her pussy even wetter than it was. As soon as you had introduced her to your mom, you had to leave  to run an errand your mom had made up to be alone with her. No one would believe that in less than half an hour she was obediently worshiping your mom's heavy boobs, wet, and willing to do anything your mom asked, while you hadn't gone further than the first base in months.