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    Your wife wanted a good Valentine Day’s fuck but you lasted for less than 30 seconds. She left you tied, blindfolded and panty gagged and went out to meet another man. She told you afterwards how much she had enjoyed his big cock, more than any present, and fed you your first Valentine’s Day cream pie.

    They use the elastrator to make it more painful, and then remove surgically the testes and the sac. The penis shrinks  a lot in the following weeks too, because of the lack of testosterone. Am I wrong or you would like that your hubby’s genitals looked like my hubby’s shrunk penis ... to have him castrated? All we need is to tell my hubby to put a potent hypnotic in his drink and by the time he awakes the elastrator will already have done its job ... You’ll see how much fun we can have with two eunuch hubbies ...

    You would have blushed even deeper if you had heard your wife and her friends talking about you. “He was quite reluctant but I’ve brought my husband with me to introduce him to Mark. He blushed and even stuttered when he said, ‘my wife has told me that you are the best boss she could wish.’ He is having a quite hard, and humbling, time being polite and even flattering my lover ... but he’s behaving like a good cuckold would do.”