Your girlfriend had always wondered why your friend was  able to assert such a strong dominance over you so easily. And she also wondered why she found him so sexually appealing.  But most of all, she wonders even now how did he manage to get you to tell her just a week before the wedding, “honey, he’ll fuck you a lot better than me?” And he did, he did it in front of you, he has done it many more times, and you have never questioned that he can fuck your wife whenever he wants, even though you are married, and no man but you is supposed to fuck your wife.

    Will you ever forget it, or your girlfriend’s words?. “Oh, honey, kiss me while he fucks me, tell me that you’ll always love me.”

    A few days before, your mom had told your girlfriend in front of you, “stick out your tongue,” and inmediately afterwards, “Sweetie, I want your tongue pierced.”

    Walking in on your mom sucking your college roommate’s cock was utterly shocking; but it was even worse when she told you later, “sweetheart, why don’t you invite your roommate over to our house for the mid-term holidays? I think you owe it to him for keeping your girlfriend sexually satisfied but telling her that she must not leave you.”

    Your mom is the main reason why your girlfriend is still dating you ... If you ever find out, your mom will tell you, “sweetheart, I did it to help you...

    Your wife will never forget the first time with your step-dad; by then, she had been your girlfriend for a few months. She’s the happy mother of three now, all of them fathered by him.

    The first jaw-dropping moment was hearing your sister ask her black boyfriend, “would you like to have my brother’s girlfriend?” Then, she even told you, “don’t leave, stay with us and watch; you must show her that you are an understanding and supportive boyfriend, that her needs do matter to you.”

    One of your friends asked, "what if our girlfriends wanted us to watch?" It wasn't long before, one by one, all of you were black-cuckolded and all of you watched. You had your first private show in college, your girlfriend deepthroating a black professor. And although you married another woman, it was him too who fucked your wife in front of you very shortly after the wedding.

    That night, and in almost no time, you went from being the man-who-was-going-to-marry-her-in-a-week to being the third wheel. As third wheel as to sleep on the sofa while he fucked her at least twice in a room not many feet away, But you still married her a week afterwards ...

    After you walked in on your mom training your fiancee to pleasure her, she told you, “she’s the right girl for you, you’ll marry her and on your wedding night you’ll bring the to my room, I’ll have her still dressed in her bridal gown.”

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