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    Watching through the keyhole was too tempting, wasn’t it?.

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    As your wife undressed, your eyes were fixed on where you knew his cum was. She had chosen a very sexy pair of panties that day and her beautiful pussy was almost visible through the sheer fabric. Then, she said, “honey, he wanted to know if you go down on me every time we had sex, if you thank me, if you’ve already admitted that you like it.

    Your new coworkers continuously boasted that they had fucked many white wives, and even that they’d surely fuck yours if they wanted. You shouldn’t have said, “you two are nuts if you think she’d let you fuck her!”

    When your wife said, “honey, you won’t get mad at me if I’ve sex with them, will you?” and they laughed loudly, you blushed, utterly embarrassed.

    Your last hope was that she didn’t like the way they fucked her. But after she had come twice and one of them told you, “ask me to sperm your wife’s pussy,” you knew all hope was lost. You had been BLACK CUCKOLDED.

    Your mother in law told you, “even if you wear male outer clothes, wearing panties will make you more submissive to my daughter’s boss, more compliant, and even willing to admit your shameful shortcomings and ask him to have sex with her. Believe me, panties make better cuckolds.”