Your girlfriend had always wondered why your friend was  able to assert such a strong dominance over you so easily. And she also wondered why she found him so sexually appealing.  But most of all, she wonders even now how did he manage to get you to tell her just a week before the wedding, “honey, he’ll fuck you a lot better than me?” And he did, he did it in front of you, he has done it many more times, and you have never questioned that he can fuck your wife whenever he wants, even though you are married, and no man but you is supposed to fuck your wife.

    Honey, I thought you would like to see me wearing it ... the lingerie I wore for my boss on our wedding night ... the one I’ll wear for him on the first night in our marital bed ... after our chaste honeymoon.

    If my groom knew that he’s going to taste your pussy juices on my lips, and not only at the altar, but many many times in the future.

    Nothing could be more humbling than hearing your stepsister say, “just before getting ready for your wedding, your bride sucked his big black cock in front of my mom and me, and rode his cock until he came inside her too. Now he wants to fuck your wife in front of you and another one of his lovers, your mom.”

    Your bride is wondering what your thoughts are; if when you kiss her you envision her lips parted for her boss’ cock, in front of you, the night before the wedding.

    He said, “you really had no idea about what women want, do you? Do you still think that your fiancee wants you to be the only man with whom she has sex after you get married?”

    That night, and in almost no time, you went from being the man-who-was-going-to-marry-her-in-a-week to being the third wheel. As third wheel as to sleep on the sofa while he fucked her at least twice in a room not many feet away, But you still married her a week afterwards ...

    Your bride not only was pregnant with her boss’ child when she married you, she had sex with him the very morning of your wedding day and had his cum deep inside her when she walked down the aisle. She even used the pregnancy as an excuse to skip “wedding night sex” and ensure that he was the first one to fuck her after the vows. And she wants a big family ...

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  • Your mother not only seduced your fiancee. She told her, “use this hair brush to spank him, he must be as submissive to you as he’s to me” and your fiancee said, “I looking forward to do it.”

    Immediately after the ceremony, your bride told you to entertain  your guests while she had some time alone with your sister. You just said, “of course, love,” and blushed deeply. A few weeks before she had told you that your sister licked pussy a lot better than you do and that she was taking her with you on your honeymoon.

    Though you found very odd that you mom told you not to have sex with your girlfriend until you married her, you obeyed her, as always. The moans you heard the first time she invited your fiancee to stay over and she slept in her bedroom were an obvious clue about was going on but you didn’t confront them and they knew they had you where they wanted. It came to no surprise that your mom booked two rooms for your honeymoon ... and that your wife slept with her. 

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