Your wife led you to the kitchen and told you, “all our guests  suspect that when I showed my ex-boyfriend our room I let him fuck me in there; I couldn’t help it, I moaned. Would you like that all of them saw you going down on me too?”

    All your wife told you was to invite your best friend over.  But then she joined you both in the living room in just lingerie and asked him, “has my hubby told you that he never lasts for more than 30 seconds?”

    Your wife texted you, “Oh my God, sweetie! Mom has done an absolutely wonderful job. I’ve seen your picture, nobody would suspect that you’re a feminized hubby. Mom wants us to double date my new boss and a friend of him, she says you’ll be an even more submissive cuckold if you not only are in the next room while my boss fucks me but you even are sucking his fiend’s cock. And once you’ve sucked cock for the first time ...”

    You told your wife, “it’s just for fun, just tease the johns, you don’t have to go with them,” but a car stopped by, and the driver had been a colleague of yours, now working for another company. She told you later, “he fucked me a lot better than you; you’ll have to call him and tell him that he can fuck me whenever he wants ... for free.”

    Watching through the keyhole was too tempting, wasn’t it?.

    Later, your wife asked you, “honey, now that you have watched - I know you have watched - do you think you could compete with him? No, you, don’t. Now you know why he’ll always be the man of the house ... but you also know why your place is being a cuckold, dont you?”