After he left, you wanted to cuddle with your wife. She had other plans though. When she parted her thighs and blinked at you, you knew that it was the signal to go down on her ... and eat a cream pie from her lover.

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    Yes, honey, it makes me feel utterly empowered. What could make a woman feel more empowered than be free to have sex with whomever she wants and showing her hubby that she is the one who leads by feeding him her lover’s cum?.

    Your wife wanted a good Valentine Day’s fuck but you lasted for less than 30 seconds. She left you tied, blindfolded and panty gagged and went out to meet another man. She told you afterwards how much she had enjoyed his big cock, more than any present, and fed you your first Valentine’s Day cream pie.

    Your wife’s first thought in the morning after the first night she slept with your boss in his room while you slept in the guest bedroom was, “he seemed so humbled when I told him, ‘during the holidays, your boss will be my husband and you’ll be a guest.’ I wonder what he would say, how he would feel if I asked him, “honey, would you like to see my husband fuck me?’”

    Your wife watched carefully as you locked your own chastity cage. She told you to hand her the key and to follow her. You were close to the master bedroom door when she said, “honey, just thank him for the chastity device he has bought for you and go to guest bedroom; we won’t let you watch until your show us that you have fully embraced permanent chastity as something not only necessary but also good for you.”

    Your wife had an undescribable naughty look when she told you to remove all your clothes and to go down on her. She guided you through the thorough pussy-tongue-bath she wanted; her pubic hair first, then her pussy lips, and your tongue as deep into her vagina as it could reach. Then she said, “your boss has been here and I haven’t cleaned myself afterwards, I wanted you to do something that will make you feel utterly submissive to my lover.”

    Yes, honey, I want you to accompany me to the New Year’s Eve party; I want you to be there while I flirt with your boss and when we use a silly excuse to go to one of the rooms to fuck. I want them to know that you consent.

    When your boss excused himself to use your bathroom, your wife told you, “go to the guest bedroom now, you’ll have to sleep in there.” And when he came back, all she needed to tell him was, “I have just sent my hubby to bed.”

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  • Her husband had told her about his femdom fantasies and even bought a whip to play. She didn’t whip him, but one day she put the whip around his neck and led him to their  bedroom. Her boss was already there and she told him, “ask my boss to fuck me.”

    Yes, honey, unless you think that you can get a lot better in bed, you’ll accompany me to the party tomorrow and I’ll introduce to my ex-boyfriend. And I want you to tell him that we have talked a lot about him, that I always say that he isn’t husband material but that I miss a lot the wild sex I had with him. He’ll understand that it’s the green light to fuck me, maybe to fuck me in front of you.