They use the elastrator to make it more painful, and then remove surgically the testes and the sac. The penis shrinks  a lot in the following weeks too, because of the lack of testosterone. Am I wrong or you would like that your hubby’s genitals looked like my hubby’s shrunk penis ... to have him castrated? All we need is to tell my hubby to put a potent hypnotic in his drink and by the time he awakes the elastrator will already have done its job ... You’ll see how much fun we can have with two eunuch hubbies ...

    In five years, you haven’t given your wife a single orgasm, don’t you think it’s cheating on her?. You certainly owe her a good hard fucking … and you’ll have to let her choose the man who can give it to her.

    Someone had left his diary on the living room table and you read it.

    “It happened not long after we married, as soon as I showed the tiniest hint of jealousy. The wipping was harsh and long, meant to leave no doubt about who led our marriage and who was expected to obey at all times. And as the strokes of the riding crop marked my skin, she repeated several times, ‘you’ll lick his come on my pussy if I tell you to, don’t you? I want to hear you say that you’ll do it’, I thought she wasn’t meaning it but I was wrong.”

    The parallelism between your father-in-law’s life and yours was striking and you decided that it wasn’t at all wise to challenge any of your wife’s or mother-in-law’s requests.

    Sweetie, you’ll like it even more after you marry my stepson and I make him bring you to my bedroom at night.

    When a friend of mine made her hubby eat her lover’s cum in front of me, I thought my hubby would never do something like that but here he is about to do it in front of you, the wife of his best friend. I know your hubby will be the next ... and they’ll feel even more humbled if we train them both together.

    Her husband had told her about his femdom fantasies and even bought a whip to play. She didn’t whip him, but one day she put the whip around his neck and led him to their  bedroom. Her boss was already there and she told him, “ask my boss to fuck me.”

    Yes, honey, unless you think that you can get a lot better in bed, you’ll accompany me to the party tomorrow and I’ll introduce to my ex-boyfriend. And I want you to tell him that we have talked a lot about him, that I always say that he isn’t husband material but that I miss a lot the wild sex I had with him. He’ll understand that it’s the green light to fuck me, maybe to fuck me in front of you.

    Keep licking, his cum is all over it, on my pussy lips, mixed with my pubic hair, and I want you to lick it all, I want you to give a thorough tongue bath to my hairy pussy.

    Don’t you think that you deserve a little bit of humiliation for not being man enough to satisfy my sexual needs? You do, honey, and you’ll start by asking me to let you lick my lover’s cum, and then by doing it.

    Before she went out, your wife made you crawl and kiss her feet ... and the anklet ... and tell her to have fun. Then came the hard to answer question, “honey, if I meet a man I would  to fuck, can I bring him here and have sex with him in our bed?”

    You hadn’t experienced so much pleasure for a long time, had you, honey? I suppose you would like to do something for me in exchange ... like telling my boss that we want to start a family, that he should stop using condom.

    Your mother not only seduced your fiancee. She told her, “use this hair brush to spank him, he must be as submissive to you as he’s to me” and your fiancee said, “I looking forward to do it.”

    – The first picture shows Matthew kissing me in public, beside William. It might seem a little baby step but it clearly shows that he’s a cuckold.

    – There are pictures of me wearing an apron and serving Olivia and Matthew, of me changing the linens of the master bedroom bed for Matthew and Olivia to sleep in there. Matthew is caressing one of Olivia’s naked breasts in one of them, and there are many more. It is our Cuckold Album.