It’s a lovely rose, honey. And I like what you’ve just said, “being a cuckold is like being romantically in love with a woman who belongs to another man,” but you should add, “and being submissive to her and to her lover.”

    Your wife kissed you softly, tenderly, before saying, “I know it feels tight and uncomfortable, sweetheart. And that it hurts your pride too. But you know you have to wear it, don’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to control your urge to masturbate while your boss fucks me.”

    Your life changed forever when your mom told your girlfriend, “no way am I going to allow a girl like you to waste her life with a man, not even with my own son.”

    “Dave showered with me,” Ashley said. “It was intimate but not sexual…
    “So he washed you in a subservient role?”
    “It kind of had to be” Ashley said, “given the se
    xual limitations.”

    Could there be anything more humbling than hearing your wife tell her lover that you hadn't had sex with her, just because HE had asked her to persuade you to remain chaste as a birthday present for him?.


    After he fucked your wife twice in front of you, she invited you to dinner in a cozy restaurant. That was your small victory, seeing your wife say goodbye to him to dine with you. His sperm cells were swimming inside your wife's tummy, though.