“Well, well, my daughter has told me that you watched while  she and your boss had sex in your own bed and that you liked her pussy good and for long afterwards. She laughed when I asked her if you would do the same for your mother-in-law and told me, ‘whenever you want, mom.’”

    As your wife undressed, your eyes were fixed on where you knew his cum was. She had chosen a very sexy pair of panties that day and her beautiful pussy was almost visible through the sheer fabric. Then, she said, “honey, he wanted to know if you go down on me every time we had sex, if you thank me, if you’ve already admitted that you like it.

    You can’t help but think, “If only she asked me to use my tongue to give her an orgasm instead of using her finger to relieve her anxiety every time her lover is away. I would be so happy if she did.” And you’ve never dared to ask her, though you should. Do it, tell her that you would love to lick her pussy for hour ... even  if she tells you that she misses him, his cock, while you go down on her, even if it reminds you that you are a cuckold, that she no longer allows you to put your tiny penis inside her.