Your wife will never forget the first time with your step-dad; by then, she had been your girlfriend for a few months. She’s the happy mother of three now, all of them fathered by him.

    You are right, you couldn’t be a bigger cuckold. Not only you wife was impregnated by another man, you watched her being fucked that very night and you obeyed when she told you to guide his cock into her pussy.

    You hadn’t experienced so much pleasure for a long time, had you, honey? I suppose you would like to do something for me in exchange ... like telling my boss that we want to start a family, that he should stop using condom.

    Your wife knew that she had to arrange her temporary disarray as quickly as possible. Less than one minute before, your boss was taking her from behind and shooting a big load of his seed deep inside her womb. And she had decided to keep you absolutely oblivious… for the time being…”

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  • You should bring your hubbies with you next time. It’s time that they are taught that the more advanced your pregnancy the more they have to pamper you. And that, from now, all the household chores are of their exclusive responsibility. They also have to learn to take care of you, before and after you give birth.

    We should also schedule a session with your lovers not far from today, and it’s very important that your hubbies are present during that session. Your lovers deserve to know, no matter how much it humbles your hubbies, that vaginal intercourse is not only allowed but desirable until the your babies are born, but only with the men who got you pregnant; and also that during the few weeks you’ll need to recover after giving birth, you’ll be more than willing to compensate for it sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum as often as they want.

    Your wife said, “Honey, I really didn’t want to cheat on you. Believe me honey, I told him TWICE that I was a married woman! Then, his big cock was inside my pussy. Yes honey, deep inside the pussy that only you, my husband, should have access to, and pounding so fast and hard that I completely forgot my vows and asked him to come inside me, directly inside my fertile womb.”

    He told you, “keep your eyes on the road,” and your girlfriend added, “at most, sweetheart, a few very quick peeks at the rear mirror.” She’s your wife now, and pregnant with ‘your’ second child.

    Your wife looked at your penis as you masturbated in front of her and said, “I told him to stop and to take the condom off. As he entered me again, with the first thrusts, I told him that I wanted his semen inside my womb. Close to come, he asked me if I you knew about it and I whispered in his ear, ‘I’ll tell him about it later, I’m sure he’ll want me to always have sex with you without condom.’ Am I right, honey, should I always have sex with him without condom.” You started to say, “yes, sweet ...” and your penis squirted leaving no doubt about your approval.

    You are almost sure that, before the picture, you heard your wife tell her boss, “we won’t know for sure if the baby is yours until the baby is born.” You didn’t confront her then, though. You hadn’t confronted her before, even though everything suggested that every time you got to have sex with her, a black and bigger cock had been in there not long before.

    You feel utterly humbled, but obey, every time your wife tells you to take a pregnant picture of her for her boss. But you feel even more humbled because you’ll never forget that just before she led him to your own marital bed, she said, “honey, tell him that he doesn’t need to use condom,” and you obeyed.

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