You would have loved that your wife didn’t wear panties if you were alone with her ... but you were in your wife’s boss’ living room, with him; and your wife had told you, “honey, why don’t you spend this weekend with my boss and me? I’m sure that seeing him and me together will do you a lot of good ... I know you’ll always love me ... even though I’ve a lover.”

    Will you ever forget it, or your girlfriend’s words?. “Oh, honey, kiss me while he fucks me, tell me that you’ll always love me.”

    You told your wife for the umpteenth time that you loved her and she said, “I know, honey, you must love me a lot to never ever complain of my affair with my boss. I have sex with him almost daily, I have had sex with him in our own bed, I let him come in my mouth but I’ve never sucked your penis ... and you never complain.”