You love to feel my arms around your neck, to smell my perfume, to hear me whisper teasingly in your ear, “do you want a kiss?” Most husbands not longer pay attention to those small signs of affection but you do ... perhaps because of the many times you have heard me moaning as another man was fucking me.

    You kiss her tenderly, you want your wife to know that you love her no matter how loud her moans are when she’s in the arm of her lover, to know that nothing matters for you but her happiness and being close to her. She too wants you to be happy and thank you for being always understanding and supportive, and for the body shaking orgasms her lover gives her with your consent. You never last for long when she lets you have sloppy seconds but, even with her lover’s cum coating your penis, you feel the most fortunate man on earth after those thirty seconds of bliss.

    Your wife says, “sweetie, sit here on the couch, beside me, it’s our cuddling-together night.” First, she starts to play with your penis, idly and slowly, then she tells you to do it yourself. Her whispered words are next; she says, “you know you would never be able to fuck me as good as he does ... you look up to him, don’t you? You look up to him for being so manly ...”