Your did nothing as he danced with your wife ... When they left you went home, alone. Next morning, your wife straddled your face and told you that you were about to eat your first cum pie.

    The expression on your wife’s face said, “I’ve been very naughty again, honey …and I want you to go down on me again …like the last time.” And, as your tongue thoroughly bathed her pussy lips, as it went as deeply as it could into her vagina, she said, “honey, you’ll have to do it every time I go out on a date; you’d better get used to it.”

    Your wife smiled widely when you said, “I think I should be grateful to him, honey; you are much happier now that he fulfills all your needs. And I mean all your needs, not just the sex that you have told me is indescribably good, but the excitement of going out on a romantic date with him, dinner, the passionate kisses, or walking hand in hand with him. And I should be grateful to you too, for allowing me to feast my eyes on you when you are getting ready for a date, for sharing with me these moments of intimacy; and, most of all, for not leaving me, for telling me that you still love me, no matter how many times he has made you come or how many times he has come inside you. 

    I want it to be very special, honey; I’ve never asked him to wear a condom and it’s going to be our first time off the pill ... and I wanted you to know that I’ll be wearing my wedding lingerie for him.

    It wasn’t difficult for your wife to persuade you to drive her to her dates. And when she’s back, usually the morning after, she asks you in a soft and tender tone, “would you like to go down on me … I want to reward you …”

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