When your boss excused himself to use your bathroom, your wife told you, “go to the guest bedroom now, you’ll have to sleep in there.” And when he came back, all she needed to tell him was, “I have just sent my hubby to bed.”

  • cuckold
  • submissive cuckold
  • slutty wife
  • blatant cuckolding
  • in your own house
  • in your own bed
  • (almost) in front of you
  • Your boss asked you in a low tone of voice, “are you giving your wife all the cock she needs? She seems to be acting ... provocatively  ... as if she wanted me to fuck her,” and then added, “Why don’t you find an excuse to leave me alone with her.” And all you said was ... “I can tell her that you need some documents I have at home.”

    Your wife's former boss was back in town and had only about two hours spare time in between two meetings. She told you to drive your wife to her hotel and wait in the lobby. You obeyed, she fucked your wife one more time, you'll always be her cuckold.