When your wife asked you, “honey, do you think I look sexy in this picture, with my tummy showing?” and you immediately answered, “yes, dear, awesomely sexy!” she added, “then, honey, you should thank your boss once more for getting me pregnant.”

    You have bought roses for your wife ... she has just told you that she is pregnant. Now, you are driving her to her lover's house ... Naturally, she wanted to be in his arms, in bed with him, having sex with him, and whispering in his ear, "you have made me the happiest woman."

    I have chosen the best husband to help me raise my daughter; but I have chosen the best man to father her and to give me what I need in bed, too. I like when my husband goes down on me but ... it just isn’t enough.

    Never in your entire life. You’ll never forget that you not only watched him fuck your wife but that he got her pregnant in front of you. And your wife doesn’t allow you to forget; she reminds you, “honey, it was so beautiful, you held my hand all the time.”

    He told you, “keep your eyes on the road,” and your girlfriend added, “at most, sweetheart, a few very quick peeks at the rear mirror.” She’s your wife now, and pregnant with ‘your’ second child.

    You feel utterly humbled, but obey, every time your wife tells you to take a pregnant picture of her for her boss. But you feel even more humbled because you’ll never forget that just before she led him to your own marital bed, she said, “honey, tell him that he doesn’t need to use condom,” and you obeyed.

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  • Too daring, honey? Isn’t he the friend you look up to the most? Didn’t you tell me that he has fucked the girlfriends of your high school bullies? He has even impregnated the wife of at least one of them, hasn’t he? And she’s now the proud and happy mother of a lovely and beautiful girl. You said you haven’t yet known a woman who hasn’t fallen for him after having sex with him. Well, honey, all you have to do is to tell him is that your sperm count is too low... I’ll do the rest...

    Honey, I'll let you see me naked, and I'll allow you masturbate until you come, too, but only on my most fertile days. That's all the sex we are going to have until your boss gets me pregnant.

    Your wife was so elegantly dressed… But, before leaving for the party, she told you, “honey, I cannot believe you forgot to buy condoms; my boss is safe but I’m not on the pill.”

    The flowers are from her husband; the baby ... fathered by her boss; her smile ... the two orgasms her boss gave her this morning.

    The last time your wife's boss fucked her before the wedding, she told him, "This has to stop; I'll be a faithful wife." Just one week after the wedding she told him, "now that I'm married, why don't you fuck me without condom?"

    I told daddy that you wanted a little sibling and daddy asked mommy's boss to help me make another baby. Daddy always makes our wishes come true; doesn't he, sweetheart?.