Your girlfriend had always wondered why your friend was  able to assert such a strong dominance over you so easily. And she also wondered why she found him so sexually appealing.  But most of all, she wonders even now how did he manage to get you to tell her just a week before the wedding, “honey, he’ll fuck you a lot better than me?” And he did, he did it in front of you, he has done it many more times, and you have never questioned that he can fuck your wife whenever he wants, even though you are married, and no man but you is supposed to fuck your wife.

    Yes, honey, it makes me feel utterly empowered. What could make a woman feel more empowered than be free to have sex with whomever she wants and showing her hubby that she is the one who leads by feeding him her lover’s cum?.

    You would have loved that your wife didn’t wear panties if you were alone with her ... but you were in your wife’s boss’ living room, with him; and your wife had told you, “honey, why don’t you spend this weekend with my boss and me? I’m sure that seeing him and me together will do you a lot of good ... I know you’ll always love me ... even though I’ve a lover.”