Watching through the keyhole was too tempting, wasn’t it?.

    Later, your wife asked you, “honey, now that you have watched - I know you have watched - do you think you could compete with him? No, you, don’t. Now you know why he’ll always be the man of the house ... but you also know why your place is being a cuckold, dont you?”

    For how long did you stand in the cold rain, hidden, watching, while your wife sucked the cock of the coworker with whom she car-pools?

    It's a fool's game
    Nothing but a fools game
    Standing in the cold rain
    Feeling like a
    cuckold clown

    When your boss’ female assistant and lover said, “many men would pay dearly for a blowjob of your wife,” you shouldn’t have said, “I doubt it, she’s rather inexperienced, not exactly what most men would pay for.”If you hadn’t, she wouldn’t have said, “well, let us see how much your boss thinks a blowjob of mine is worth.”

    Your boss told you, “I’ve been fucking your wife for months and she’s ready to let you watch. You’ll be a totally different man after watching.” And you were, you watched her suck his cock, you watched him come all over her big boobs ... and obeyed when they told you to lick her boobs clean.

    Your wife looked back to see if you showed any signs of reluctance or were satisfactorily adapting to your cuckold role; and seeing you humbly watching her ride another man’s big cock as you played with your tiny penis sent intense shivers of pleasure through all her body. She was going to have it all, she thought, all the cock she wanted and a devoted subservient hubby.

    First, I’m going to introduce my husband to you. I always make him watch, and it will be the first time I’m going to take three big black cocks in front of him.

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  • Most details of that New Year’s Eve party will remain forever very vivid in your memory; your wife’s high heeled shoes, her red panties and she walking in the nude towards your boss’s bed … And she doesn’t want you to forget them; since then she has cuckolded you many more times and, of course, every New Year’s Eve she wears red panties ... and makes you watch.

    You deluded yourself thinking that they hadn’t gone too far, but your wife thought, “if my hubby hasn’t stopped us at this point, he’s surely ready to watch what will come afterwards, his big black cock making me a real woman, stretching my almost virgin pussy.”