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Before the Tumblexit, 35.000 + followers. Cuckolding is something one might actually try at home. It will spice up you marriage. Find out about it and learn that what you really want is, a MODERN MARRIAGE. Enjoy : www.CuckoldingNL.tumblr.com

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2019-06-22 21:33:27


    Cuckolding is a fast growing ‘fetish’, it’s just not commonly shared in the open. Many couples are doing it. Many men fantasise about it, their wives need time to get accustomed to the idea.

    Once you have found a trustworthy lover (which may take some time and ‘try-outs’) all the fun and excitement can start. If you have trust in eachother, you might find that this road the two (or rather, the three) of you will take, will lead you to numerous levels of fun, growth and excitement.

    Why not think and talk about it.

    Cuckolding is about love and trust. It might (and in our experience, will….) at least, spice up your marriage. At this point, my wife and her boyfriend are in a 7 year relationship, which really did not cause any damage to our marriage. In fact we are closer than before) And…..it is safe to try this at home.