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    I've been on your page for all of 20 minutes; and I'm falling for you, and your usage of words. The way you express love is the most peaceful form of intoxication. 🖤

    - - Thank you for the kind thoughts. I’m a bit of an empath so I really try to project these emotions into my words.


    Kissing me while inside of me 💋


    I liked the idea of this position and how my cum would be locked inside. We hadn’t talked about it. We didn’t have to. I could tell by the way she looked into my eyes that she wanted it too.

    She expected it and I was close. How could I not look in those beautiful eyes…begging…pleading for my cum. All these thoughts made me even harder, but I never sped up my pace. She’d have to wait for it. All good things cum to those who wait.


    fucking you from below

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    I watched her as she impaled herself on my cock. She was lost in pleasure.

    As her hand slid down her tummy towards her pussy…pushing her clit harder against my thrusts, I knew I was going to cum inside her.

    When rope after rope of my cum started exploding inside her, she lost it. Her orgasm was life-changing. Her whole body was vibrating. Practically sucking my semen into her egg.


    It was like she was memorizing the look on my face. I didn’t notice at first because my eyes were closed, but I could just feel her eyes on me so I opened mine. I was close to cumming and her eyebrows lifted slightly and then creased a tiny bit so she almost looked like she was pouting. Like she was silently asking for something.

    When I came inside her it was like a giant wave of warmth started in me…moving to her and then consuming us both.

    This is what I want from here to forever.


    He said he pulls out! He lied!


    That look on your face. It’s desperation. Are you desperate to just get off or are you desperate for something deeper? Way deeper than you’ve ever known. In a few moments I’m going to grab your hips for one final thrust…shoving my length inside you until my balls are pushing against your skin. Flooding you with all of the love I’ve been saving just for you.

    Looks like my messaging capability has been disabled? I didn’t really message very often. I’m hoping this isn’t the step before I get deactivated. 😞

    It’s been a pleasure to entertain you all. Hopefully this is just a hiccup. We’ll see.

    Peace and Love.