December 17th - a rescue plan

    Some good news, I’ve been talking to two developers now and got them working together, we just had a meeting with the guys behind an existing large (millions of users) site similar to Tumblr, with a vibrant and open-minded community, and more importantly, it has open-minded owners who believe in free speech. They think we can get something done here to rescue the whole community.

    I’m not allowed to reveal the site name yet. I can tell you it’s mainstream, open to everyone, open-minded and welcoming. (It’s not WordPress or any site owned by Facebook or Twitter. It’s not Pillowfort, that’s in closed beta. It’s not Ello, that’s mainly for artists. It’s not kinkspace or fetlife, those are too specialist. It’s not jux, that seems to be closed. It’s not Soup, that seems still in development and too small.)

    One of the reasons for delaying the announcement for next few days is they don’t want a “land grab” where people take the names of current popular Tumblr users over there (cyber squatting). So they are looking at ways for existing Tumblr users to keep the same names on the new site.

    More info over the days to come.

    The plan is, broadly:

    1. By December 9th, announcement of the new site and how to secure your username there

    2. By December 10th, an online tool for bloggers to copy their existing content to the new site automatically, with the same tags and captions.

    3. Bloggers will need to copy their content across between December 10th and December 17th if they want to use the automatic tool.

    4. My understanding is that after December 17th there will be no public access to any “flagged” posts on Tumblr, but the original poster will still be able to see the flagged post (for a short time at least). Therefore, the original poster may still be able to manually download a post to their own PC or phone, after December 17th, and manually upload it to the other site. But if you have lots of posts that will take a long time, it will be better to use the automatic tool before December 17th.

    Please understand that these dates are approximate and may change for technical or other reasons.

    There may be a few rough edges or not so perfect looking site design on the transfer tool. Everyone is doing their best. The main goal here is to help as many people as possible preserve access to their content, in the short space of time Tumblr has allowed us, and preserve as much as possible of the Tumblr community spirit somewhere new.

    The new site will cater for photo, GIF, text and html posts. It will not offer video and audio posts, due to cost reasons - maybe in future, but for now you will need to preserve video and audio content yourself in some other place.

    If your Tumblr blog has a mixture of original content and reblogs, or all reblogs, all of that can be copied over to the new site. Reblogs will become “your” original content if nobody else posted them yet, otherwise they will be shown as reblogs. The devs are looking at ways to preserve attribution of reblogs back to the original Tumblr poster, if that person also moves to the new site.

    Important: your Likes cannot be copied from Tumblr to the new site. You will have to go find the same posts again on the new site, and like them afresh.

    (Similarly, existing reblog comments, asks, messages and other user interaction on Tumblr cannot be copied to the new site - that’s just too much to do, in the short time available.)

    If you want to preserve any of your existing Liked posts on Tumblr, you will need to either: (1) download the post to your own PC, or: (2A) reblog it now to your own Tumblr blog, and then (2B) use the automatic tool, before December 17th, to move your whole Tumblr blog across to the new site.

    If you have Liked a lot of posts here on Tumblr, the webapp should be able to help you do steps 1 and 2A quickly, I mean download or reblog.

    (Someone complained to me today about the appearance of Gridllr on a phone. It’s best to use Gridllr on a PC, Mac or Tablet with a large screen.)

    If you have liked a post here on Tumblr and the original poster decides to delete it, or even to delete their entire blog, some time before December 17th, then that post will be permanently lost. So if you want to be sure to preserve any of your Liked posts, you should best download or reblog as soon as possible. If it’s reblogged to your own blog it is safe from deletion, at least for next few days.

    Obviously, you will lose access, after December 17th, to all past posts you have liked, if Tumblr has flagged them as NSFW. Again, the steps (1), or (2A) and (2B) covered above will be the only way to hold on to these posts.

    21 Tips for Being The Boss

    1) Talk with him about his fantasies. Ask him to reveal his fantasies to you.

    2) Tease him that you are only using him for practice and that you only really enjoy it when you are fucking another guy.

    3) Tease his penis size and his ability to satisfy you while you talk about other, better lovers. Tell him you are only using him to practice fucking another guy.

    4) Talk to him about your fantasies. Tell him some of the crazy things you fantasize about.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed, he will definitely enjoy hearing about them.

    5) Stop him from making love or letting him penetrate you and make him beg for permission. Make him thank you before and afterward.

    6) Describe exciting ways you’ve fucked before you met and how much you loved it.

    7) Stop him when you are making love and make him pull out. Immediately Queen him (ride his face hard, as in suffocate him).  Don’t let him have any room to move his head, hold it in place forcefully and grind your pussy into his face.

    8) Make him pay money for the opportunity to serve you or have sex with you.  Send him to the ATM for cash before you’ll do anything, then make it a very cold & transactional experience for him

    9) Talk about other cocks when you’d like to have sex with him… let him know you would prefer something else, something better.

    10) Take lots of pictures of him in exposed, sexy, humiliating and perverted situations.  

    11) Wear a dildo and have him deepthroat it. After a little while when he starts to drool and take it deep, tease him verbally (“Yeah! open wide”, “take it deeper” “that’s good…. suck it harder”). Don’t be gentle, force it in. Don’t stop until he takes it all.

    12) While making love, make him put a condom on.  Tell him he doesn’t get to cum in you except on special occasions, but you allow your boyfriend to cum in you when he wants. (be sure to keep the contents of the condom for later use)

    13) Stop him in the middle and bring out the chastity cage and set it next to you and don’t say anything, then slowly let him continue to make love to you. He’ll wonder what you have planned

    14) Force him to go down on you and lick you clean if you do let him cum in you. Make it a rule that he does every time.  Tease him that he should get used to taste cum dripping from you because next time it probably will be someone else’s cum he’ll be licking from between your legs.

    15) Each time he cums, collect what you can.  You can freeze it and use it later to tease him and play with his mind.

    16) Practice “Orgasm Control” training on him.  Learn how to command him to stop or ruin his orgasms.

    17) Use some of the cum you saved. During a session when he’s close to orgasm, start to tell him your pussy is full of your boyfriend’s cum. Pour it over your pussy and have him lick it up slowly. While he cleans you, ask him if he likes eating other men’s cum.

    18) Use one of the condoms he filled. Tease him that its a used condom from fucking your boyfriend earlier. Put it in his mouth then take a pic and tell him you’re going to send it to your boyfriend.

    19) Tell him you’re going to make him watch you have sex with someone else to learn how it should be done.

    20) Simply stop him in the middle of making love, make him pull out of you and tell him you don’t want to continue. Tell him his cock doesn’t satisfy you and you want a strapon instead. He’ll get to see your blissful face while his own cock flaps around uselessly.

    21) Tease him about what his ex-girlfriends must have thought of him, and his pathetic fetishes.  Tell him that you’ve had a talk with one of them about his perverted secrets.  Tell him that she laughed about all the ways you humiliate him and asked if she can help humiliate him some time.  CAC

    A visit to Stan & Irene’s

    A Visit to Stan & Irene’s

    Yesterday my cuckoldress and I went to Stan and Irene’s house for some play time. We were greeted at the door by Irene who was dressed in a striking black see through dress with heels, Stan wore leather pants his well-endowed cock straining through. My cuckoldress immediately went upstairs to change while we retired to the living room. I stripped to show them that my cuckoldress has required me to wear a pair of black sheer pantyhose.

    My cuckoldress returned to the living room wearing heels, black fishnet thigh highs and a skimpy black fishnet dress. Stan and Irene immediately began to kiss and caress her, their tongues intermingling as their hands roamed over her creamy white tits. I served them all drinks and we all sat and chatted for a while with my cuckoldress sandwiched on the couch between Stan and Irene like a flesh sandwich!

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    Reader Survey No. 1


    I enjoy reading the FemDomHotwifeCuckoldInterracial tumblr blog because

    • I’m also married to a hotwife.
    • I wish my wife/girlfriend would cuckold me.
    • I wish my wife/girlfriend would dominate me like B does Scott.
    • I secretly wish I was Scott.
    • I feel sorry for Scott.
    • I think Scott’s an idiot.
    • I admire what B had done with Scott.
    • I’m a secret faggot.
    • I secretly cheat on my husband/boyfriend.
    • I’m a hotwife.
    • I’m a woman who is curious about FemDom.
    • I wish I had the same type of relationship with my husband/boyfriend.
    • I’m a dominatrix.
    • I’m a Bull.
    • I love catching those short-term pictures of B.
    • I like hearing about Marlon’s adventures with Scott.
    • I miss hearing about Dana.
    • I miss hearing about Johnny.
    • I like hearing about Gina.
    • I like hearing about Rachel.
    • I like hearing about James.
    • I think B is a fucking bitch, but I love her!
    • I think B is a fucking bitch, and I hate her!
    • This blog is like a train wreck; I can’t help but watch.
    • I’ve tried, but I can’t quit this blog.
    • I like reading this blog, but I think it could use more cowbell.
    • Other.

    NOTE: Reblog this survey on your blog, and then post your answer or answers.


    1, 5, 7, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 24 I have a love/hate relationship with there relationship lol


    1) Sexual competition with other males over the wife will greatly enhance the libido of the husband. The husband will then try even harder to please his wife.

    The wife in turn will receive the pleasure she naturally deserves and get to have sex with many men in order to reach her optimum sexual satisfaction.

    2) A woman with multiple sex partners is naturally more attractive than a monogamous woman, and thus, the wife becomes hotter, more attractive and more precious to her husband.

    The thought of his wife having had sex with another man makes the husband sexually potent and energized like never before. Human Biology will ensure that the husband gets a better erection and produces better sperm count in order to compete with the sperms of the other man, all in order to ensure that it is his genes which are transferred into the children of his wife.

    3) In a good marriage, the wife’s pleasure should be paramount for the husband and cuckoldom is a means to achieve that.

    4) It achieves the biological & genetic purpose of humanity, that is, to pass on the better genes to the progeny. A woman is naturally able to choose males with better genes to mate, so as to pass on better genes to her children, increasing their chances of survival.

    Thus, a woman in her natural state, has sex with many men in order to let the man with the best genes impregnate her, so that she bears his children who will have better chances of survival and development.

    5) Psychologically, the woman can enjoy proper sex and not feel guilty by the norms of a deceitful society. Women have always been subjugated unfairly and illogically by a deceitful society dominated by men. Its time for men to actively contribute to the true freedom of women.

    6) Cuckoldom ensures the true sexual liberation of women. It brings about the true nature of women and allows them to be true to their biological needs.

    Having sex with multiple men is not a ‘desire’ for women but rather an absolute ‘need’.

    7) Cuckoldom will save marriages. Divorces will be few. Couples in a cuckolding relationship are much more closer and communicative than other couples.

    8) Fact is, a woman’s sexual drive is large, much larger than a male, thus it is unhealthy and wrong to repress it forcefully. A woman should have sex as many times as she wants and with as many men as she desires.

    9) Its the duty of dead-battery husbands who have no sex to offer to their wives, to at least let the wives enjoy sex with other men. Husbands have no right to force their wives to live a life devoid of sex, a basic human necessity.

    10) Also, its much better for the wife to have sex with other men who can better fuck her than her husband. It may be a bigger penis or better stamina and technique, point is, a woman deserves better sex. If not from her husband, then from some man else.

    10 ingredients for taming your sub, results guaranteed...

    This post is a result of variety of questions I’ve been asked via e-mail.

    Is it possible to achieve the unconditional obedience by your sub? Is it possible to shape him to fit your ideas and avoid any possible topping from the bottom?

    Yes it is and these are 10 essential ingredients, like it or not.


    Lock his genitals in order to restrict access. Make sure he is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time. This way, his body parts become your property and he is unable to play with himself, which ALL men do.


    This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. It send a strong impulse to his mind about who is in charge and has unlimited freedom. Do it on regular basis.


    Routines are very important, any kind of routine. To begin with, decide upon a daily routine with which he will show his respect and humility to you. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines.


    This is a complete must, done on daily basis. Discipline is the most essential ingredient. He doesn’t need to “deserve it”, it is simply necessary. Find the time and the will every day.


    Having and keeping his balls full will ensure his full attention towards you. It will make him beg and it will make him soft on his mind. Have you tried it for hours? No? Try it. Bigger balls equals more obedience and willingness to do anything for you.


    Your sub needs to cum and he will do anything to cum. You will allow him to cum on occasion but you will also slowly take away his right to have that pleasure. Ruin his orgasms often and make him thank you. In time you could easily have him pleasure-less and without actual orgasms, up to you. Remember, an orgasm is not a right, it is a health necessity. It is not a reward either. Yours are important and only orgasms that should be cherished.


    As bad as this might sound, subtle ways of humiliation are extremely effective. He needs it, he wants it. Do it. Find ways, decide up on them and act upon them. Humiliation makes him more humble.

    Then humiliate some more, subtly.


    Sub men like being treated like objects or toys. So that’s just what you need to do, use him for your pleasure and needs and then simply discard him. It’s a play, nothing more but it works just fine. Make sure you train yourself for such acts properly, in order not to appear silly.


    Chastising your sub is the begging of emasculation. Pegging is another great way to emasculate. Make him your bitch, bring out his feminine side. Bringing out his feminine side works beautifully in favor of emasculation. Emasculation kills the ego every man has. Ego is an absolute enemy. A pair of panties will also do the trick nicely.


    If you are interested in this setup, then you already know everything. However, even if you are not interested, even if any kind of cheating repulses you and you just won’t do it ever…still, such a setup is very effective when it comes to humbling and taming your submissive. Cuckolding is 99% male fetish and they are the ones who usually initiate it. Why? I suppose being a cuckold is an ultimate way of submitting to a woman. So, I strongly advise to make such a setup, even if you will never use such privilege. Initiate talking about it, insist on semi-open relationship in which you have the right to cheat, and your sub remains a faithful doggy. In chastity. Wear that anklet, yes. Being flirted with by other men is always a nice thing for a lady :)

    Provoke him by sending pics of the anklet whenever you are not together. Tease him about other men flirting with you when you are away. Tell him it is so hard to resist this option. It will for sure make him insane with lust.


    p.s. - do not be afraid of loosing the essential emotion with your sub. After all it was all his idea at the first place, he will just love & worship you more and more and more…

    Cleaning Creampies Is a Cuckold's Duty

    Cuckolding happens for all sorts of reasons. Most commonly, a man is simply unable to pleasure his wife because his cock is too small or he doesn’t know how to use what he was given and the couple decides she should have the right to fuck other men while he stays faithful. Sometimes, a husband simply finds immense pleasure in his wife having multiple sexual partners even if he’s capable of giving her the pleasure she desires. No matter the reason you’re a cuckold, it’s your duty to clean the creampies other men leave in her pussy.

    When your wife finds a long-term lover she will most likely begin to have bareback sex with him. At that time you may be forbidden from cumming in her pussy or even fucking her because she feels as though the man that brings her to climax has the ultimate right to her cunt. That is when you can truly become a cuckold and learn your place as a creampie cleanup specialist.

    Your wife relishes the moment when her boyfriend or bull unloads his seed into her womb. Their bodies are tangled in passion and he’s already brought her to an orgasm (perhaps multiple orgasms) and is on the precipice of his own. She can feel his cock throbbing inside her and the speed of his thrusts has increased because he’s about to cum. She craves being filled with his cum and the way cumming inside her deepens their bond. If you’re allowed to watch, pay attention to her face when he’s climaxing and you’ll see pure bliss.

    It’s your place to clean her cum-filled pussy. Whether you do it moments after he’s pulled out or when she arrives home from her an evening of fucking her lover, you must dedicate all your energy to licking every drop of another man’s semen from your wife’s well-fucked cunt. Remember that she’s likely tender from being pounded on so you’ll need to be gentle with your tongue. If she directs you to her clit you should stimulate it, but otherwise you need to concentrate on getting as deep inside as you can to clean her lover’s cum out. If you need to stick your fingers inside to retrieve the cum, then do so. Be a good cuckold cleanup artist for your wife.

    They Always Wanna Cum


    Only now on the fourth night of chastity does slave experience the stirring of manhood as the uncomprehending physical part of his being tries to manifest itself in the usual way. Out of chastity slave can go two or three days without masturbating if he is exercising restraint. When he got the call on Wednesday it was already two days since his last indiscretion so he is now feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

    Early morning hours are spent tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable way to lie when all slave’s instincts do is tell him to grind against the sheets; like that’s going to do anything.The plastic cage is too good for that; it really nullifies any sensation at all. Brilliant!

    The slave is still at the point where he is searching for that which has been taken away without realizing that there should be no expectation of his release for that is what chastity is all about; retraining his brain and body to focus his attentions on the Superior Female whom he serves and Her pleasure when he is given the chance. It is this he should concern himself with now; not the forlorn memories of his recent failings.  

    It is amazing how orgasms can be taken for granted, at least until the slave is in chastity. It is only then that he realizes what a precious commodity they were and by then it’s too late to do anything about it.

    As Elle King says in her latest song: “They always wanna cum” haha. In chastity it’s just the cage and The Mistress’s will that will prevent them.

    One unperceived offshoot of being returned to chastity is the urge to blog. Without daily contact with The Goddess this cathartic experience is one way the slave can let Her know his state of mind and body without having to officially report. Mistress is busy enough with Her daily life to be constantly checking on Her slave. The slave is very aware that She reads them from time to time and occasionally will make reference to them. No idea what The Lady D’s reaction will be to the previous post.

    Got to give a big shout out to my followers; you certainly liked it and earlier posts. Over 600 of you now, the likes and reblogs are now going through the roof, comparative to before.