Sup. I'm Q. 27. Basic white boy from the IE. Also just want to change.

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2021-05-31 05:30:47

    Sometimes I wonder if applicants to my HypnoGlasses company know what they're getting into. Surely they must, right? Either they want to become mindless hypnodrones, or they see my company becoming successful and want in.

    But it has to be the former, surely? These people are smart. Surely they know that the creator of this brainwashing technology would want to put it to use to create the most efficent and attentive workforce possible.

    Do they not see it coming when I ask them to put the glasses on after an interview? You'd almost think so, when their face briefly fills with dread when I start flashing their eyes with bright spirals. Then, as with anyone who wears my glasses, their face relaxes, blank and expressionless, about to become another mindless machine on my production line.

    At the end of the day the glasses deactivate and they go home as if nothing happened. But at 8:30am the next morning, they become my drone again for another productive day at work.

    My roommate Andreas thought of me as a friend for the longest time. We didn't talk much but we acknowledged each other with a headnod when we met in the kitchen, or whatever.

    Eventually, I got bored of that. I hijacked the TV during one of his football game and assaulted his vision with a barrage of flashing spirals, plunging him deep, deep into trance. I came into the room and put a collar around his neck, and told him that he really, really loved wearing it.

    Sure enough, next day when he came back from work, he casually fastened the collar around his neck like it was totally normal, and went about cooking dinner. So I knew it worked. Over time, I filled his head with more, such as increased affection towards me... beyond that of simple friendship.

    A month later, and he's madly in love with me. He listens to everything I say, as he doesn't want to disappoint me; his master. When the collar goes on, he becomes a human pet, and he loves it.

    Logan Paul's career has been riddled with a number of controversies. Everyone knows of the suicide forest incident. But things only got worse after he made a joke about "going gay" for a month. As a gay man myself, I took that one personally.

    So I decided to pull some strings. A challenge was going around YouTube called the shock collar challenge. I got to creating fake fanmails egging him on to take the challenge, and eventually he took the bait. I sold him some "shock collars" for nice and cheap, and then a few days later, he announced his shock collar challenge livestream.

    When the time came, I sat eagerly waiting for the livestream to start. And right on schedule, Logan Paul appeared on my screen.

    "Hey guys! It's ya boy, Logan Paul, and today I'm here to..."

    Suddenly, his voice trailed off. Most viewers probably didn't know why. But I knew that it was because I had just remotely activated the true purpose of the collar; long distance mind control. As the expression slowly disappeared from his face, I typed messages on my keyboard that played in his mind. Then, on stream, he continued.

    "...announce that I'm coming out as gay. I can't hide it anymore, but I'm gay and I have a boyfriend, who will be my new channel manager."

    Yes, I took up the role of Logan's new manager. Although I initially set out to do this for revenge, I must admit I became a little smitten with the YouTuber during my planning. So now I'll be helping him get back on the right foot. But of course, I'll also be using the mind control to enjoy Logan for the parts of him he doesn't usually show on YouTube...