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♡NSFW♡18+ONLY♡TAKEN♡ I'm a curvy, bisexual 25F brat (she/her) who loves cum and kinky sex. This blog features my favorite things about sex and all the fantasies I've yet to experience. I crave cum in every form, but creampies are my absolute favorite! I'm always up for some good conversation, but please respect that I'm happily taken!

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2021-08-26 15:37:23

    Can't squirt? Can't fuck for hours? Worry that you're not up to pounding someone 'til their brain turns to mush? Can't orgasm easily? Like the idea of dirty stuff but always end up doing vanilla? Inexperienced? Worried about the way your body looks when you're contorted during sex? Feel like you're bad at getting a rhythm when you're on top? Worried your dick isn't big enough? Worried your pussy isn't pretty enough? Not wet enough? Too wet? Are you nervous because everyone else seems to be amazing at deep-throating and you might gag? Haven't been with someone that isn't a different gender to you, but you feel bi/pan? Worried you can't fuck someone again immediately after cumming?

    Don't stress yourself. All these feelings are normal. In fact, they're typical. I'd say these anxieties are more common than they are rare.

    A lot of people talk in such a way (especially on Tumblr) where they're not clear that they're talking about their fantasies, rather than real and lived experiences.

    They're not showing off to you. You're not bad at sex because you feel worried about things or haven't had the courage to try them or suggest them. They're just saying "I like the idea of this thing".

    I've had a lot of experience. I've been in long term relationships. I've been promiscuous. Largely speaking, I'm very confident about my sexuality and my sexual prowess. However, the anxieties we have about sex are always there - I've just learned to manage them a little better.

    The pressure to perform is a lot. The pressure to know everything and be up for everything is real. A lot of sexual fantasies don't translate into real life at all, but it's fun to fuck around and try. A two second gif of someone getting railed isn't someone getting railed for 3 hours - their hips and knees would give out first - it's all smoke and mirrors.

    A three second quickie where you both laugh at the end is always better than some overly dramatic roleplay, trust me.

    Just remember that everyone is in the same situation, it's just not very cool to say it out loud. I'm saying it out loud because I don't care if someone thinks I'm uncool because of it.

    You're more beautiful than you think. You're better at sex than you think. You're allowed to learn on the job too.

    You're doing great, honestly.