I’m kinky

I don’t send pics- fantasy- all girls assumed to be of legal age(I had to say it)

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    Reblog if you're far more perverted than even your Tumblr lets on

    Tumblr doesn’t allow posts which show the depths of my perversion.


    Way more.


    I’m so perverted Beyond you can never imagine


    Perverted little baby doll


    Omg yes :) the things that make my pedo pussy happy :)


    my god yes


    Yes I am


    Oh ja

    Without question


    I think so yeah

    I think my tumblr is perverted but there is more than what is shown!😜

    The many reasons why you want to give up control

    You want and need guidance.


    Freedom from difficult choices.

    The comfort of having someone you trust in charge.

    The lightness of less responsibility.

    The simplicity of doing as you’re told.

    The happiness you feel when pleasing another.

    The serenity of surrender.

    The passion of being possessed.

    You want to submit.

    It’s your nature.



    Ok so I’m friends with 3 hung black men there cocks are at least 10inches and they fuck me a lot but my 8 year old daughter who is a virgin saw me watching porn so I invited the men over to help me play with her I help them tie her in a hogtie and they rub and finger her ass and cunt the largest one wants to go first he’s 12inches he pops his head in and she screams because he’s wide too the other men shush her and kiss her telling her it’s ok then he pushes 5 inches in fast she is crying hard he quickly puts himself all in telling her how tight her baby cunt is then he stats to move fast and hard he cums soon after he pulled out and asks me if he can use his belt on her cunt I of course say yes and tie her in a different position the other men have there fingers in her mouth he spanks her cunt hard and fast till it’s almost bruised then the other men say they want a go one fucks her throght and the other hoes in her ass no lube at all she is so limp from everything but they are not done they have me her some of my toys I have been saving for her like a cute vibe and a bull whip alone with a paddle and some nipple clamps they hate the vibe idea they want the bull whip they whip her budding tits hard she is bleeding and screaming to stop so one man shoved his cock in to shut her up next they take the paddle and paddle her ass after that I promise my daughter to them for a wife when 16

    I want

    I want to treat you like you’re younger than you are. Like you’re too dumb to make your own decisions. I’ll help you get dressed in the morning and undressed at night. I’ll put you in the bathtub and bathe you like a little baby.

    I want to treat you like my daughter. I’ll give you your own room lined in your favorite colors. A big comfortable bed piled high with stuffed animals. A desk for you to sit and color. A mirror for you to play with your makeup and pretend you’re a big girl.

    I want to put you to bed at night. I’ll read you a story while you hug your bear and suck my thumb. After you’ve fallen asleep I’ll pull your blanket up, kiss your forehead and tell you how much I love you, my princess. My little bunny.

    I want to wait an hour or two, when I know you’re in a deep sleep, before I sneak back into your room. I’ll gently pull the blanket off of you, my movements slow so as not to wake you. I’ll push your top up to expose your breasts and your pajama bottoms down to get a look at your puffy hairless mound. I’ll give you all the special attention you crave from an older father figure. I’ll remind you of how important it used to make you feel.

    I want to steal your innocence all over again.

    I know you want it to.

    Come to Daddy little girl, let him take care of you, just like this…..


    i need a father. for far too long i’ve been without discipline and repercussions, structure and accountability. i look for You in every older man i meet. i’m saving myself for You.

    So many girls need this, but sadly aren’t self-aware enough to recognize it. Being father to a pretty, sweet, appreciative, perverted little doll of a girl is literally one of the best things I can think of.

    Daddy Darkest will raise you right.


    It sneaks up in all sorts of ways. 2nd guessing my meal choices, to crippling me into choosing nothing at all. Re-thinking a conversation and the different things I should have said. Being upset about it for actual days while other people have forgotten it minutes later. It’s not just panic attacks. It’s always in my brain even if I look super calm on the outside. Have consideration and empathy….

    You're a slut too

    Stop pretending that you're not a slut. You think about cock almost all the time, how many times have you fantasized about all your male friends gang banging you? What about the lewd thoughts about the bad men you encounter at night, alone? You want them to rape you, to beat you, to overpower you. You want your throat fucked raw and hard, you want to feel your asshole violated. You're a disgusting, pathetic, worthless whore just like most women.