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    « ...I can’t be the only girl you should have sex with, little bro’. I do love to suck or titfuck you but you know I can’t offer you more and I don’t think it’s good for your self development. You will soon have 18 and you need to move forward. But don’t worry. I won’t leave your big cock to the first girl you meet. So I talked to some trusted friends of mine here and, of course, they’re totally agree to try your 10 inches cock i told them about. So you could have one to fuck for each day of the week and keep me for all the week end. What you think ?... »


    My sister and our cousin I am looking after them both tonight while both of our parents r out on the town and won’t b back late tomorrow night I made a big deal about it . My dad gave me a $100 to look after them both I agreed after that . Sis said she wants half of the $100 as she knows I love it when it’s just the three of us all night so I get to fuck them both all night long