In spring of my Junior year, the principal called me in to his office right after cheer practice, He said he had heard that I wanted to be captain of the squad next year, taking over from his daughter who was graduating. He asked me what I was wiling to do to demonstrate to him my competitiveness and commitment. I asked him what his daughter had done last year. He smiled, unzipped his pants and spread his knees leaving me room to kneel down. I got in position and pulled out his impressive cock and made sure to maintain eye contact as I blew him, just as his daughter had coached me. I think he liked that I had overcome my gag reflex by practicing for hours on the basketball team. When I had swallowed his load, I said I’d be happy to room with him and Cassie our coach for away games, and just like last year’s captain, I’d help introduce my little sister to servicing him as well. He didn’t expect that I knew that and came hard when I mentioned that my sister already loved anal.