Lair of the White Wolf Dom
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2020-08-04 00:50:52

    Open your eyes and take a good, long hard look at yourself, cunt. Tell me what you see. Do you see that strong, empowered, and independent feminist "warrior" you've fooled everyone around you, including yourself, into thinking you are, or do you see the weak, feeble, and inferior piece of fuck meat you actually are? It's not exactly a brainteaser, bitch. The answer should be as obvious as that "rape me more" look you have plastered all over your pathetic, ugly face.Β 

    Nothing is more revealing that a cunt's face during rape. At least that has been my personal experience, bitch. For example. If you were truly all of that bullshit you claim to be, your face would be all twisted up with melted make up ruining down your cheeks and screams of ultimate horror bellowing out of your facial fuck hole. On the other hand if underneath your carefully crafted illusion you were nothing more than a willing rape toy just waiting to come out to play your face would look like you were touching the face of good, not a single tear in sight, and not a single peep to be heard other than gasps of pure pleasure. Judging from that look on your face I think we both know which of those applies to you.

    Now this might come as a bit of a shock to you, cunt, but I knew. Right from the very moment I first saw you and despite all appearances to the contrary. What can I say? I have a sixth sense for these kind of things, and I am never wrong. That's why I decided to make this particular trip to the ladies room an unforgettable, enlightening experience for you. Don't worry about thanking me, the thanks of the guys after me will be more than enough, because if you think this is over, it isn't.

    There will be more after me, cunt. Make no mistake about that. You are marked now, inside and out. Men can smell that, not only have you been victimized, but that you loved every single second of it. It's like how a shark smells blood in the water, and they will keep coming until there is nothing left.


    Taking you rough in the restroom πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆ