Curious Dad’s Secrets:  I was up early raiding the refrigerator and I was nude.  My heart was palpitating stunned in part by my behaviour, yet also excited by the possibilities.  I turned when I heard him.  He did not seemed shocked at all, instead, he looked pleased and aroused by the sight of my full round hairy ass and the profile of my belly and my wanting erect nipples. For a moment, I was aware of the fact that my wife was sleeping down the hall in the bed which we uncomfortably shared, and that it was her college-aged nephew, Luke, who was admiring my naked silhouette.  I was his “Uncle” of sorts, having wed his Aunt only a few years back.  A marriage of convenience for both of us.  And now, her young 24 year old handsome athletic horny nephew was staring at my backside, and I knew that he “wanted to fuck me”.  Or perhaps more honestly, it was I that need to be fucked.  Just that thought and that very real probability, caused the blood to flow to my cock.  I could see that Luke was also already aroused.  His cock head was pressing against his sweatpants.  It appeared large and mushroom shaped.  My asshole dilated in response.  Taking this young cock into my rarely fucked butt hole would be a challenge; a challenge that I had already anticipated since Luke’s arrival the night before.  I could feel the warm and wet lube already in my asshole.  My eager rosebud would be wet in anticipation of my young suitor’s need to penetrate.  In retrospect, it amazed me, that we did not even need to say a word to one another.  Luke grabbed his crotch, winked at me, turned and walked back to the bedroom that he was staying in.  Already half-aroused, I followed him. And this young man, at least thirty years my junior, remained in command.  No sooner was the door to the bedroom closed, Luke pushed me to my knees, pulled down his sweats, and stuck his cock in my wet and hungry mouth.  I learned once again, that I was a “cocksucker” and this time it was an honour to be tongue bathing a young hot stud; my faux nephew of sorts.  In no time, the synchrony between cock and cocksucker that everyone devoted to the art understands, I was nursing on his cock as his balls were slapping against my face.  Luke made no effort to stifle his moans of approval, and I was all but certain, that my wife, once again, would be pretending not to hear her “cock-loving” husband.  Luke slowed his thrusting, teasingly slapped me on the cheek, and signalled me to mount the bed on my knees.  I reluctantly allowed his wet thick cock out from my mouth, and preened a bit, spreading my big asscheeks open so that he could see my eager rosebud, and knelt on the edge of the bed arching my back in submission.  “Damn, he whispered. Let’s make some babies old man.”  His finger found my wet and moist asshole.  Luke laughed,  “My whore Dad is already lubed for cock.”  And I was.  Lubed and a fucking horny whore for young cock.  Luke unceremoniously thrust the full extent of his cock into my rosebud.  The pain was searing as he stretched and penetrated what was his.  I stifled my own moan and shame.  I knew that I deserved better and yet, I craved his young cock and the intercourse that a horny  closeted gay Dad needs more than oxygen.  And so it was, Luke assaulted my asshole with his hammering cock as my body slowly accommodated the fucking that was his due.  As he thrust hard and deep, my psyche opened to the reality that I was  and would always be “my Son’s cock-loving whore” and with that my asshole swallowed and milked his cock with intense pleasure.  My hands found my own cock and I begin stroking as Luke fucked.  He taunted me,  “Play with yourself own man.  Cum for your Son, faggot.”  I loved and hated his contemptuous words.  And when he whispered,  “I am getting close Dad.  You ready to cum with me?”.  Everything made sense and was worthwhile since together, as Dad and Son,  we would simultaneously orgasm in celebration of our perverse and irresistible attraction.